Do Not Let Your Love for Me Wane

By Linda

July 27, 2016

I am here, with you, ever Loving, ever waiting for your attention, no matter how brief.  Your tears of sorrow and shame touch Me and I fill your Heart with Love.  I give you My Pity and Patience and compassion.  Do you not know, My Child, that My Love can fill you regardless of your weaknesses?

I am the Lord God and your Loving, Doting Father.  My Love and affection for you are ripe and thick or built or well established.  I do not let go of My Belovéd Children, lest their Hearts are changed or shifted by Love, for Love is Eternal and Love is Saving Grace.  You cannot know or understand or recognize Me when you do not Love.  There are those who do not Love, and their hapless Souls are endangered by sin.  Pray for these Souls, for they plunder the Beauty and Innocence of My Children and wreak havoc on this World.  There are few but enough, and how these will wreak havoc.  Know that the prayers of the innocent, the wise, the holy, hold back the demise of Man.

I Am the One True God.  I am a just judge and a warm Father.  The judge looks upon thee coldly with nothing more than objective or objection or aloofness.  It is this coldness that frightens the Soul who has never sought Mercy.  Oh, bewildered and unhappy Children, why face the cold without Mercy?  For one step you receive a bounty, food, safety, and hidden joy.  For one breath, one ounce of trust and humility, you are given unconditional Love, comfort, solace, and purest, unconditional Love and Forgiveness.

Think you, My Belovéd Children,(have) nothing to forgive?  It wearies Me or I am wearied by your belief in this.  Children, Belovéd Children, you are My Loves and I am such that My Love for you is Everlasting, fulfilling, and BIG.  You cannot grasp Me or what I AM for I am the Lord God who has made each of you and who has Loved each of you and who has Loved and bid each of you for Love.  A Loving Father seeks Love for His Belovéd Children.  It is given, sought, and cherished.

Oh, Belovéd Children, do not let your wounds and doubts or disfavors take you away from Me.  Do not let your faith and Love in Me wane.  I see and know your pains and place My Hand upon your brow to bring you My Peace.  You cannot know but only follow My Will.  It is just and good.  You do not understand My Will for you, but I do not lead you to the isolated woods for death nor give you asps to contend with for Glory.  I am the Lord God and My Love for you is complete, unprejudiced, and full.

Bewildered Children, there is peace in this World.  Peace can be by forgiveness and Greatest Love.  Belovéd Children, your Hearts are so young, so fragile and small.  Trust in Me and forgive your brothers and sisters.  Even as one is dead, forgive.  Even if an enemy destroys the home, forgive and Love.  Do you think I do not see your agony, despair, and(your) strength of forgiveness?  Do you not know your forgiveness of enemies brings Me extreme, total joy?  Total comfort.  How did I look upon Humanity to see My Belovéd Son sacrificed most painfully or most thoroughly?  And still I Love.  I have Loved you, My Belovéd Children, first and always.  You have evaded Me, ignored Me, derided Me, hurt Me, yet I am here always, your Belovéd and Most Gentle Father.

Do you not know or fathom the depth of Love of the Christ?  He is My Belovéd Son and He gives each of you everlasting Life by His Mercy and compassion.  Who can save you from Eternal Death but the Christ Jesus who vanquished Death that you will enjoy or be safe or saved by the longings and Love of Heaven.  Admittance to the Kingdom of God is not an easy or assured thing.  Thus, the Christ begs you to think and pray deeply.  Think of the temporary-ness or temporal orunlasting-ness of this Life and the ridiculous or worthless trappings of this World that cater to ego, vanity, greed, anger, and vice, and live accordingly.  I beg you to reflect and come to Me in your daily lives.  

You cannot run aground when I am with you.  There is no storm you cannot face when you walk upon the path of the Lord.  There is no treachery that can be successful (against you) when your Heart is delved deeply in the Heart of the Lord.  Belovéd Children, bind yourselves to the Christ and follow His Path doggedly, patiently, and with great fervor.  Do not be frivolous with Time, for there comes a day when the joy of Heaven will become scarce and the command orstrength of My Will shall become clear.  Better to be well within the gates before sunset than be placed outside the gates during the thieving night.

Look to Me, Belovéd Children.  Pray and do not wander.  I gather those who please Me and long for those who pander to this World.  Come to Me with prayer and know My Peace.  I wait for each of you with great Longing and desire to have your Love given freely and BIGLY to Me, your Loving and Doting Father.  Pray, My Children, and be vigilant in your worship.  Pray and be wary of those who draw you away from My Love.  Be wary and know I am ever beside you.  Where there is Love and forgiveness, there I AM.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.