Messages July 15th-20th

By Linda

Friday, July 15, 20016  2:15 – 2:47 pm

Father, where has my joy gone?  It is as if a light has been turned off and the world is its yucky self again.  I miss You.  I miss Your jokes and funny surprises.  Am I in “time out?”  Well, I shall pray and see.  I feel You pulling on me and I am happy to oblige my perfect Dad.
Belovéd Children, you must turn to Me and accept My Great Love for you and provocation. I wish for each of you to come into the safe Hands of your Belovéd Father.  Can you not grasp that I AM Love?

I wish to seize your Love and grant My Belovéd Children great and holy gifts.  How I long for you.  I thirst for each of you. I am your Belovéd Father and Just Judge.  My Love is great as is My disappointment in what I see in this World of sin.  But I am a most compassionate and forgiving Father.  Come to Me My Children.  Come to Me with all of your sins and know the peace of My Forgiveness and full or whole Love.  I bring you peace with My Love and when you give your Hearts over to Me, surely you will know or understand the Glory of My Love.

Turn to Me, Belovéd Children of Light.  I see each of you, My Little Children, and weep at your dismissal of Me.  Your dismissal of the True and Belovéd Christ.  Heaven rumbles in shock and dismay by your dismissiveness.  The Christ Jesus is the K ing of Heaven and earth.  He is the King of All Glory and He is My Most Belovéd and Beatific Son.  When He finds joy in My Children, so I share His joy.  When He weeps for My Children of the World, so I weep.  When you worship the Son, you worship the Father.  And as you dismay or wound the Son, so is the Father wounded.

Little Children, do not betray Love.  It is all for you and My Love is so GREAT, SPECTACULAR or will fill your Hearts more than you will realize or know.  My Children are such small or minute creatures.  You are My Belovéds and (I) long for My Great Love to be reciprocated.  

The winds do not have long to blow and the menageries of giants or leviathans or dragons swoop down amongst My Belovéd Children.  Pray and be merciful unto your brothers and sisters.  There is no other way or thing that will mitigate all the turmoil or havoc that comes for sin (because of our sinsor your sins have brought down this havoc upon your heads. Yet I say to the prayerful and My Belovéds, do not be afraid.  Pray and Love your Most Heavenly Father and how My Heart is soothed.  It calms like a windless lake (no waves).  It calms and grows affectionate or more affectionate.

How can You be more affectionate??

It is the reality of My Love that, once grasped by My Belovéd Children, the gates of joy are opened by My Mercy and Forgiveness.  When My Belovéd Children finally come to their Loving Father, they feel My Great affection for the first time and are made joyful by this new Love.

One that they didn’t know before?

Belovéd Children, you cannot wander alone through an endless desert and survive without the sweetness of water.  So your Souls cannot survive when you do not know Me and Love Me.  I draw every single one of My Belovéd Children to Love, to give Love, and open your Hearts to My Love.

Do not reject My Passionate Gifts of Love and Mercy.  Judgment is a cold and barren companion when there is no Mercy to temper judgment.  Know I am a merciful God and a stern Father.  I see the sins of Man and look with such disfavor and dismay upon this or these.  Do not suggest I accept sin or sinfulness.  I do not.  Thus, My Belovéd Children must know or discern what I Love and what I do not accept.  The Spirit guides the prayerful and leads you to the sweet and joyful path of the Christ.

Love My Belovéd and Sacred Son, the Christ Jesus, for by His Love for you, you are redeemed from sin.  Do not reject the Love of the Christ who Sacrificed life that you might avoid death (eternal death).  You cannot grasp the nature (the BIGNESS) of the Sacrifice of the Son of Man because you are yet finite.  His Love and Sacred Blood save you from a vicious and eternal darkness where you will not or cannot find Me.

Each of My Belovéd Children is welcomed with Love and compassion into My Arms.  Do not run from Love but run to it.  I am a majestic, holy and mighty God.  I am your Eternal Father and I long for My Belovéd Children to turn to Me.  I am here, with you always.  Do not doubt but take notice or be assured that My Love is true and real and it is yours.
Belovéd Children, do not be frivolous with your days or Time.  Do not wait in Worldly obsessions for joy and comfort until you have time no more.  You must come to your Holy Father and Belovéd God immediately.  I am not an intrusive Lover but long for you so greatly.  Do not wait.  Do not wait.  I implore you for your notice and Love.

Sweet Children, know a Time comes when the Goodness, Miracle, HUGENESS of the Christ will not be found by most.  There shall be a spell (a time) where the desert is barren and your thirst for Me great.  Do not wait but take your fill of your spiritual waters and prepare for that barrenness.  Belovéd Children, pray always.  Pray always and feel My Peace amongst you, My Belovéd Children.  Peace this day and always with Me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016  3:08 – 3:34
Once again, sorry.  If You want to say anything, please, Father, speak loudly.

Belovéd Children, I am for you as you are for Me.  I am with you always and dote upon My Belovéd Children.  Have faith and confidence in My Heavenly Will for you.  I do not feed My Belovéd Children to lions nor do I offer you vipers to play.
You are for Me as I am for you.  Do not estrange yourselves from (Me), My Children.  So many of you are so far from Me.  So many of you reject My open Love and ready forgiveness.  The whole of Heaven is astonished by your dismissiveness of My Love.  The Heart of Heaven, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, mourns for you and longs for your Love and cries at your disdain.  How He Loves you without reason (outside our realm of reasoning or understanding).  It is BIG Love for you, My Children, and yet you reject the gift and Glory of His Sacrifice for everlasting Life.

Belovéd Children, you cannot know or understand, for your Hearts are infants.  My Love is that of the ocean (like a big ocean), vast, beautiful, strong, limitless.  I am the Lord God.  I am and have and will be.  I am in each of you and expand My Love through you and I am filled with joy when My Children reciprocate My Love.

Belovéd Children, do not deign to test the Glory of your Lord God.  I am a just Lord.  I am a compassionate Father.  I am your Heavenly Father, and I long for your Love, freely given to Me, as I am not obtrusive.  I will ask for your Love.  Long for it.  I will not demand or force Love.  Your Love is a gift to Me when you offer it.  I am not intrusive.  

Know, Belovéd Children, that darknesses are intrusive.  By design, it draws you by your human curiosity.  Do not put your Hearts in danger.  Do not wound your fragile Souls by steeping yourselves into the rampant darknesses of this World.  Instead, look to Me and find the peace and joy and Love and relief of My Great Mercy and forgiveness.
You are for Me.  You are for Love.  Come to Me, Belovéd Children.  Do not be frivolous with your Time, for you do not know when the skies shall rumble and fall.  When fire shall tumble from gray skies.  When the red dragons will circle.  Hold tight to My Love, for I protect you from death.  By My Mercy and Love, you are granted Life Eternal.  Who will choose stones and pebbles over gold?  Who will reject water in great thirst?  ***  Who will shut their eyes to darknesses and embrace the Light of My Everlasting Love?

Children, Belovéd Children, choose Me.  (Your) Lord God who adores you and longs for you and kisses your brow to bring you solace and peace.  I hold you in My Hands as if you are a breakable stone or crystal.  My Belovéd Children, you are so fragile.  Trust in Me.  Place your confidence in Me.  I am your good Father and will shelter you and feed you and Love you with all that there is of Me, and I AM All of All.

Belovéd Children, step carefully, for the red dragons slay.  They breathe the fire into the skies and even as they roar, they cast dark eyes upon so many lands.  They fly and are absorbing the springs of this earth and all that follows is in ruins.  Belovéd Children, pray.  Pray and Love Me and your Worldly Brothers and Sisters.  Reserve your Hearts for Love and only Love.

Do not judge, for that is My work.  I am the Lord God and perfection.  Love and forgive your Brothers and Sisters, and pray.  Your prayers to Me are like music in the chambers of Heaven, where there is joy and embraces of your prayers.
Do not be afraid, My Belovéd Children.  Do not ever lose faith in the Christ Jesus, My Beauteous Son whom I Love.  Trust in Him and allow My Belovéd Son to guide you to Me as you Love and trust in Him.  When you Love the Son, you Love the Father.  When you ignore the Son, so you ignore the Father.

I am the Lord God and Father.  I breathe life into each of you and long for your Love.  Belovéd Children, do not wander, but walk the path My Belovéd Son has set before you, that you may enjoy or find BIG Love in the Kingdom of Heaven.  Say yes to My Love and open yourself to My Embrace.  Know Me, Belovéd Children, and do not stray.  Pray, My Children and know that I hear every prayer and answer every prayer and My Will for you is perfect and good.  Pray, My Children, and be at peace.  Peace, My Belovéds.  Peace.