Love My Most Sacred Son

By Linda

June 21, 2016

Father, I worry.  I worry for those who need Your words.

And shall you not worry for yourself, Little Child?  **** You are My Conduit, My Vessel, and all things I say, I reveal, are for the betterment of My Belovéd Children.
How you doubt, My Belovéds!  How you rely on such human things!  Dry your eyes, My Belovéd Children ****.   I am the One True God.  Through Me, there is Life.  Without Me, there is death.  You cannot serve Me and this World.  Learn this, My Children, for you cannot forget My Love because you are wearied by this World.  I give strength to My Children and long to hear their voices uttering praise to My Name.
Do you not see or feel the Love that exudes from Me and into you?  ****  I am Love and I Love and what I Love, I treasure and adore and protect.  You are My Love, My Everlasting Love and so I plead with you to be with Me.  Come to Me in all of your sinfulness and I will wrap your Heart in Compassion and Love.  I am for you as you are for Me.  Do not doubt.  Do not rely on externals to bring you solid belief or unrequited Love.
I am with you.  I am with you when you sleep and when you wake.  I am with you when you doubt and when you pray.  I am with you when you are weak and when you are strong.  I am with you and long for your Love.  How your Belovéd and most Endearing Father adores you. [Huge feeling of love here.]  Come to Me in all of your fear and know the peace of everlasting Life and Love.
I raise you up to My Heart and give you such a choice.  Be bewildered by Love and let it always drive you, for I am Love and I desire you to come to Me.  I am the Lord God.  All that I do, I do for My Children within this World, whether there is Love or hatred or indifference for My Son.  I give you great gifts of blessings and waiting that you may come to know orunderstand or trust the Glory of My Love.  [That is, He is patient with our lack of love and gives us the gift of more time to repent because of His love for us.]
My Love is the Christ Jesus who has given this World everything.  You cannot live without the Love of the Christ!  How We long for you and beg or hope with great Love, that you will turn to your Lord God for comfort, redemption, Love and everlasting Life.  There is no other but My Belovéd and endearing Son, the Christ.  You cannot come to Me but through your honest or heartfelt or increasing Love for the Son.  He is My Son whom I Love for all ages.  Know that your worship of the Son brings Me gladness and as you worship the Son, you worship the Father and I am in Love with your Love.
I cannot let the Love of the many be overcome by the darknesses of the few.  Thus I say, Belovéd Children of Mine, pray, for there is evil upon you.  Pray, and My Loving protection is yours.  Do not be naïve to evil, but recognize its abundance and desire to bring My Children down.  Your prayer abates that which comes (as) clear evil.  I am the Lord God.  I am a jealous God and a just Lord.  I keep the enemies at bay and welcome My citizens into the safety of My Realm or My Holy Realm.  Do not be deceived, for there are many who will deceive you.  Seek those who Love the Son of God and repel those who purport only to do so.  [Those who pretend to love Him only to gain significance or importance.]  The Holy Spirit guides the prayerful to the Light of the Lamb.  Do not doubt but be prayerful.
Do not cast your lots with those of Satan or the Leviathan.  He is amongst you and while I say to you, do not fear, I say be aware of his trickeries and subtle skills.  The World is turned with the flick of a silver blade by the one who is “harmless” or seems harmless.  I say, pray for clarity and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.  There are those who are good and those who seek to wound the Lord God.  [By not loving Him or not praying, or by deceiving others.]
Be mindful of your prayers and put your Love and loyalty and trust into the Christ Jesus.  He is the Way, the Light, the Path.  Do not deviate from His Love.  Where there is a chink or weakness in Love, in pure Love, there is the darknesses that seek to enter the Soul.  Thus I say, pray.  Come to Me for strength, forgiveness, passion, and Love.  I am the Father God and Jesus Christ is My Son.  Work and pray in My Name and know the Glory of God in Heaven!   ****   The Christ Jesus who has saved is My Willing and Belovéd Son.  All those who are a part or piece of Love bow down at His feet to worship and Love My Most Sacred Son.  
Beware of those who might deceive you by not speaking of the Christ, My Belovéd Son, for those who will deny are those who are most dark and devious.  I am the Lord God, and the Christ Jesus is My Belovéd Son.  He is your salvation.  He is the Salvation of the World and thus should be glorified, Loved, and adored.  Worship at the feet of the Christ Jesus and know that you are engulfed or wrapped in the everlasting Life, born from Love by Love because you are so Loved. 
[!! Wow!!]
My Children, calm yourselves and know what is will be and all that I am is Love.  Trust in Me and know no fear.  Trust in Me and live in joy.  Trust in Me and know I guide you to the path of Mercy and Forgiveness.  Mercy and redemption.  You are forgiven when you come in lowliness to Me.  You are My Loves, for the doctor heals those who are sick, and the Loving Lord salves the wounds of the greatest sinners and is greatly gratified by your supplications.
My Love for you is sweeping and grand [Big!].  You cannot chase My Love away, for it is yours.  You cannot chase Me away, because you are Mine.  Love Me with all of your frail and humble Hearts and thus I will grant you peace on this day and on all others.