Message from the Eternal Father

By Linda

April 28, 2016


Thursday, April 28, 2016 3:15 – 4:05 pm
Belovéd Child/Children, I am always with you.  Do not go astray from your devotions to Me.  I am the Mighty and Eternal.  Come to My Mercy and know your sinfulness will be forgiven.  Empty your Hearts out to Me, My Children, for I Love each of you so well.  My Divinity speaks and the words are Loving and Merciful.  Come to Me, My Belovéds.  Do not be afraid.  I turn no one away from My Enduring Love and long for all of you to come to Me.  Even the lowliest sinner, the one fraught with pain and anxiety or uneasiness can come to Me with Love and I shall embrace you with Love and Mercy.  Thus, I say, do not hesitate to come to Me in your great sorrows or anxiety.

Do not be afraid, My Children.  It is I, the One who Loves you, the One who created you, and the One who longs for you.  I welcome you into My Arms and sooth your immense suffering by the salve of My Great Love.  Belovéd Children, the darkness descends upon this sinning World.  Thus I say, make haste and turn your Hearts to Me through My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  He shall Love you, and I shall Love you.  We are not immune to pain, My Little Children.  To see My Belovéds hurting or in pain or turning to darknesses brings great sadness and pity to My Aching Heart.  I offer such blessings, such gifts when you turn to Me with Love and repentance.  Why do any of My Children doubt My Great Love for each of you?

My Love does not tire but endures and seeks out the martyred, the lonely, the pitiful.  I am Love and as such, I search for you that I may fill your Hearts and Souls with Love and gladness, peace.  Do not run away from Me, My Beauteous Lambs.  I am the Lord God and My Love is yours.  Take it and feel its expansion into your weary Hearts.  My Love is for you, My Children.  Always for you.  You cannot know the GREATNESS EXTENT BIG of My Love for you.  Your own Hearts are not yet full or big enough to understand.  Thus, I say, pray and you shall know the Beauty of My Love in Eternal Life.

Belovéd Children, you have so little Time and I urge you to increase your Love for Me and your brothers.  I will dismiss all sins when you come to Me in Love, trust, and repentance.  Treat your brothers with My Gentleness and Love as you shall want from Me.  Belovéd Children, do not be cruel to your brothers.  Instead, empty your Hearts that I may fill you with Love, and I am Love.  Gentle Children, you are My Grace and your Loving hands and eyes bring Me, your Lord God and Father, such gladness or BIG joy.

Teach others to follow the Holy Path My Belovéd Son has set before you.  The Christ emptied Himself out upon this World that you may all have Eternal Life and a joy so fervent and incomprehensible.  His Love for you is so GREAT.  You cannot know its degree or depth or content.  But I say, long for Me, long for My Love and I am with you, holding your hands in My Own, brushing My kiss upon your troubled brows, and fill the Heart you give to Me with GREATEST LOVE.
Oh, Belovéd Children, you have little Time, and surely this World will behold the miracle or Blessing that is the Christ.  Surely His Name will be Glorified and vilified no more.  Storms shall make this World weep, and winds shall blow and shatter this World, and rains shall fall to drown the land and fires shall spread and eat the plans of this World.  Thus, I say, pray My Children.  Do not be frivolous with your Time.

I am the Lord God and I am the able and glorified Judge.  I am just and I Love.  Do not suppose punishment orconsequences do not exist.  Those are the beliefs of the foolish.  For what good father allows his Belovéd Children to behave like hellions without consequences?  The good father disciplines his children that they become solid denizens of My Beauteous Heart.  So I say to My Belovéd Children, do not live your lives arrogantly, for the Time comes to each of you.  I Long for all of you and you shall face the Just Judge with compassion and coldness or objectivity or coolness. 
[He loves even as He is a disciplinarian]

I am the Lord God and shall call out to My Belovéd Children constantly and always.  My Love is benign and Wondrous.  Do not hide your Hearts from Me, your Loving Creator.  Belovéd Children, you cannot destroy the Blessings I give to you.  Your rejections sear My Heart and destroy your Souls.  Belovéd Children, do not reject My Belovéd and Loving Little Flowers.  My Little Flowers are Treasures in the Kingdom of Heaven, and when one is hurt or turned away, surely the Hearts in Heaven mourn in sadness.

Belovéd Children, the darknesses in this World are great and growing.  Sinfulness in this World is growing.  Uncover one and you shall find the other follows.  Remove yourselves from these darknesses that have no pity for your Hearts and seek to demolish your Souls.  Believe Me, My Belovéd Children, your Souls are such delicate and frail things orentities.  When you give yourself over to darkness and sin, how your Soul suffers and shatters.  The pieces of your Souls are wounded and bitten or thrashed or violently treated.  You cannot know or understand the foulness of this.  You do not understand its wounds yet.  Thus I say, pray to Me, My Children, for your prayers are songs to Me and I answer each one with Love in My Intentions.

Glorious and Belovéd Children, always pray and always Love, and how shall you be rewarded by Me.  Leave your pains that weary you in My Loving Hands, for I know what they are to Me.  Belovéd Children, pray and worship Me, (and) the Christ Jesus whose Heart and Soul long for you with passion and hope and Great Love.  Trust in the Love of My Belovéd Son, for His Heart is Merciful and filled with Love that He gives to each of you so freely and strongly or forcefully orwith BIGNESS.

I too am the Lord God and Our Love is the same.  Turn to the Christ, the Lord Jesus, My Most Belovéd Son and know the Glory of God is with you.  Belovéd Children, Love the Christ and do not dismiss or reject Him.  The sin of this rejection causes Me to roar in disapproval or hurts too much.  The Christ is My Belovéd Son and My Very Heart.  We are One and as One are Love.  Know (that) to wound Him with your hearty un-Love is like thrusting a knife through your own Heart.  When you do not live with the Christ Jesus, you are ensuring your eternal death.

Come to Me, My Children.  Come to the Lord God and Father who Loves you and craves your Love.  Reciprocate My Love with great joy and trust.  I cannot bear any less than your full Love and Hearts.  I am a jealous God and say you cannot serve two masters at once.  Choose Me as your Master and you shall have the Grace and Joy of Eternal Love.  Regard darkness with no levity but with caution and suspicion.  Do not delve into dark things from your curiosities.  Such curiosities can damn the weak.  Instead, be curious about Me.  About My Love for you.

There are many mysteries by My Love because it is so enormous and joyful.  Belovéd Children, you may choose of your own volition, but know, My Love is for you.  You were made for the Light of Love, not for the ruins of darknesses.  Belovéd Children, thus come to Me and know My Great Love for you.  Belovéd Children, sin no more and clean your Souls with Mercy and forgiveness.  Partake in the Most Holy of Holies and know such blessings fall upon you, your Souls and Hearts.  Go and receive the Christ often.  He is just.  There can be no other before the Christ Jesus.  He is your Lord God and He is My Belovéd Son.

Stay sturdy in your faith and increase your trust in Me.  As you trust, you understand and are given great gifts, here and in Eternal Life.  Glorify the Christ with your prayers and praise.  Call out to Him for comfort and guidance.  We are the One true Lord.  We are One as God.  Behoove the Spirit as He shall also guide your Hearts to Me.  Belovéd Children, I give you My Peace, My Enduring Peace this day and all others, but pray.  Always pray.