I Thirst for Your Attention

By Linda

May 12, 2016


Thursday, May 12, 2016 3:12 – 3:42 pm
Child, My Belovéd Child, I am ever with you and do not leave you on your own.  I am with you always and you should not doubt.  For the Lamb is My Belovéd Son and He longs to save you and others.  He weeps as I weep, for this World is a desolate, sinful World.  Pray, My Belovéds and you shall see the Grace of God.  Holy Ones who are so pure, make haste to increase the Souls I shall take.  It is I, the Lord God and Immortal Father who seeks out every Child amongst you.  I have nothing but Love for My Belovéd Children, and those who would doubt this by their very inequities need only call out to Me and My Compassion and Forgiveness are yours.
Children, I long for you.  I Long for your Love.  Do you not believe in My Eternal Love for you?  I ache for your Love and thirst for your attention.  Turn to Me, My Belovéd Children, and know that Mercy is yours.  Turn to Me, My Belovéds and I am glorified and made glad by your Love.  Do not turn away from Me for even a day, even an hour.  It is this that ruins your Souls.  My Love blankets you with warmth and joy and such blessings.  You cannot live without the Glory of My GREAT Love.
My Children, I am here for each of you and I cast no aspersions upon My Loving Children.  I am your Almighty and Eternal Parent.  What parent does not Love their Child?  What parent would not prevent the child from harm (being harmed)?  I seek to Love each of you and the Time for reciprocation is now.  Increase your faith in Me and be attentive.  I long to hear your voices calling out to Me.  It is a song in Heaven and I answer all of your calls.  If you are in anguish, call out to Me.  When you are in fear, cry out for your Loving Father.  Do not hesitate to trust in Me, for a child trusts his father.  I am the Lord God and Father, and all that I do is for you, My Belovéd Children.  Even in My dismay, I Love you like no other.  You are not capable of measuring My GREAT Love for you.  If you only could know, how glad and rejoice-full you would be.  How large your Hearts would be, for I am Love and Man cannot live without Love.
Come to Me, abandoned Children.  I see your wounds and cry for you.  I see your sufferings and long to comfort you with My Pure and Eternal Love.  Come to Me, My Bewildered Children.  When time has made you weary of Life, turn to Me in all of your anxieties and know that My Love will sustain you.  You are My Belovéd Children, and I have made you from My Love and for My Love.  Do not doubt but believe with all of your Hearts or wholeheartedly in My Love for you.  I am the Lord God and I give My Children good gifts.  I give you honey to eat and purest milk to drink.  I do not feed you to the sows, nor do I have you play with vipers.  I take you away from those sins and behaviors that are detriments to your Soul.
Come to Me, Children of the Light, and know or understand you shall be protected from My storms of fury.  Mankind shall not disappear but shall suffer by your sins.  There are consequences for sin, My Children.  My Love for you calls to you to walk away from all sin that you might not perish into Eternal Hells.  That you may not suffer the storms of Humanity that must come.  I am the Lord God and I Love each of you.  Do not close your eyes to Me or to My Love.  Do you reject a fistful of gold once offered?  Do you reject a cool cup of water in the desert?  Why shall you reject the Love of your Eternal Father who is so much BIGGER than anything you can know?
Do not reject Me or My Love, My Children.  It is with great detriment to your Hearts to think it is righteous. I am for you as you are for Me.  Know I am ever with you as you are joyous, as you are strained, and when you face the rampant storms of the Leviathan or caused as a result of your playing with the Leviathan.  He urges you to sin, and I say to you, walk away from darknesses and close your eyes and ears to them.  Protect your Souls with Innocence and Love and thereby (and in so doing, you are coming) coming to Me for Love, strength, renewal, and Love Eternal and Everlasting. 
Come to Me, My Children.  Such grave storms or things of nature or other (?) come as a continuance of sin.  The sins are terrible and the earth reaches out or shouts back in dismay.  Lands shall tumble and quake your feet.  Hundreds are lost to the holes that emerge from the earth.  Lightning and fire erases Humanity and you must pray.  There shall be great fires in the skies such that the whole World shall see and be weakened with fear and horror.  Thus I say, turn to Me.  Make Me foremost in your Hearts and spend your days amongst Me and those who worship and adore Me.
Praise the Son of Man and the Treasure of My Heart.  Give praise and Love to My Belovéd Son, the Lord Jesus, for He is the Christ and He is Most Belovéd to Me, your Eternal Father.  Seek Me or Him when you need peace, Love, compassion and to be made whole.  We shall fill you with Our Love and you shall see the Glory of One God.  Come to Me, My Children.  Do not wait.  I Long for you.  Come to Me in repentance and Love and I shall forgive you all.  Come to Me, though.  Do not wait.  I give you My Peace today and every day hereafter and before.  Peace, My Children.  Pray, My Children.