Do Not Dismiss Jesus

By Linda

September 14, 2016

 “For a small gain, men labor and toil but the loss of the soul is little thought of.” – My Imitation of Christ.
I hope I can remember all the revelations You gave me at Mass and Adoration!  First, as You carried the Cross, Veronica wiped Your face.  I imagined how cool and tender her touch felt to You.  How her kindness and courage must have given You a little peace and maybe some joy in that someone cared enough to console You.  Like that singular relief we feel when someone else gently takes care of us, with dignity, when we’re ill.

Your humility and complete humbleness with the figure of the Cross....  The Cross represents our Love for You, our thankfulness for Your sacrifice, and that we are Christians who express our Love and devotion to You.  And yet, in Your times, being hung on a cross was for the corrupt people of society – the thieves, murderers, and the "muck."  It was a debasing death.  And here You are, the Son of God who is all grace and goodness and glory, being killed on a cross.  How can any of us complain when we are insulted or made to feel insignificant?  How can we complain and feel sorry for ourselves when we are left out, ostracize, insulted, lied about, gossiped about?  You, the Son of God, went through all of this and worse.  You made Yourself a man.  How much more humble does that make You and how much more Love do You show than any of us ever try to?
I am going to try and “enjoy” in Your name, anytime I’ve feel that way.  Society is good at making people feel inadequate, really.  I suppose a lot of the things You showed me went into my Heart and are forgotten because my brain is small.  That’s okay.  I wanted to give You all my thanks for what You’ve given me.  For communicating with Me in such simple and beautiful ways I can understand.  Thank You for the duck tape and bungee cords.  I see the difference between being close to You and wandering.  Wandering away from You made me miserable and un-peaceful and troubled. XOXO

11:48 – 12:21 pm (33 minutes)
Precious Children, I cast My Great Mercy upon this World and invite each of you to My Table.  You are My Belovéd Children and need the strong and holy and correct guidance of your Blesséd Father.  Come to Me in repentance and Love and your sins are forgiven by Me.  Oh, Precious Children, you are too small to understand the nature and force orblessings or depths of My Mercy.  You are too small to grasp the solace and relief My Forgiveness gives to your Souls.  Accept My offer of Mercy and come to Me, Your Belovéd Father and Lord God.
The King of Heaven, the King of Glory beckons you and longs for your Love.  Oh, Little Children, Belovéd Ones, give My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, all of your Love and adoration.  He must always be at the forefront of your lives.  You do not yet grasp the essential-ness or crucialness of doing so.  Children, why do you dismiss the Son of God and His Great Love for you?  His is a gentle, compassionate Love and casts no burdens but only joy and redemption upon you.  Do not dismiss the Savior of Man, lest you lose Everlasting Life.
Belovéd Children, hold fast to your prayers.  Come to Me daily, for I hear every call, every word uttered to Me.  I hear your pleas for mercy, for help, for the health of all that fills your Hearts.  I hear your praises and lavish or revel lavishly in them. [It gives excessive joy to God]  Children, trust in Me.  Trust in My Will for you.  I answer your every prayer with ultimate HOLINESS BIG LOVE.  I do not cast My Children aside.  I am impatient for your Hearts, My Children.  Come to Me now while the sun is warm and the breezes cool.  Shutter your doors and windows to the storm that comes by staying near Me, your Heavenly Father and Lord God.  For I have made all things, all animals and plants.  The whole of nature bends to My Will and is meant as a gift to My Belovéd Children.
The sins of this World shake the core or health of this world or planet or earth. [very literal physically] Your sins shake the foundations of this earth and clouds of fire will erupt from the skies.  It shall hail fire and deserts will be barren and the lushest gardens shall dry up and the world shall be destitute.
Belovéd Children, choose Life.  Choose Everlasting and Eternal Life.  Repent of your sins and know what I Love and what I will not accept.  Be faithful to your Hearts, for the Holiest Spirit speaks to you and guides you rightly by speaking to your Hearts.  Listen, for He whispers and pray that you shall receive discernment.
Many lie in wait to prophesize wrongly, to deceive My Belovéd Children, and to make you accept all that is a sin.  They shall be such good or amazing sophists, many shall be deceived.  They will be so canny, many will believe that what is a devastating sin is nothing but the nature of Man after all.  White is not black and black cannot be white.  My Children, do not be fooled by those who would promote or encourage you to sin.
Belovéd Children, I hear your questions and doubts or misgivings.  I say to you, how can you know what I Love and accept and what offends Me, what I do not accept, if you do not know Me?  You cannot know Me when you do not pray, when you are perpetually absent to My Home.  You cannot discern without the graces and powerful blessings given to you through My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, with the body and blood of the Eucharist.  If My Belovéd Children could fathom, even minutely, what it is to be given such a BIG gift, how you would treasure your priests and pine to have the Blesséd Eucharist upon your tongue always or daily or constantly.  Children, for My discernment, you must bring yourselves close to Me, your Lord God and Eternal Father, for I am Love and I AM and all that is has been poured out upon (you) by My Love of My Creations.

Belovéd Children, come to Me in Love and repentance.  Ask for My Divine Mercy and it is yours.  Unburden your Hearts of sin and know the peace and blessings of My Forgiveness and compassion.  I Am Love.  I am your Eternal Father.  What Father cannot Love their Children completely or with bursting Heart?  What Father would turn away a Belovéd Child?  I turn no Child away, for you are Mine.  You are for Me as I am for you.  You were made from Love, for Love, with Love.  Satisfy the cries of your Souls by coming to your Lord God and Father.  Let Me fill you up with My Love and graces.  Thus shall you know forgiveness, peace, and the relief of purest, unending, unshifting, unconditional Love.  Let Me bring you solace. 
I know so many of My Children live in sorrow.  I see the anger of this World and urge you to forgive as you want to be forgiven.  Love, as desire to be Loved.  Know that every forgiveness you grant to those you would hate brings Me such joy and gladness, and I place great Mercies and consolations upon your Hearts.
Love your Brothers and Sisters.  Do not judge one another, for you are not fit to judge.  I am the just Lord.  In My Purest Perfection, I alone can judge.  How would My Belovéd Children judge the very precious Children I have created?  Do not judge but Love.  Give mercy and pity to those who suffer by hatred and anger.  Pray to Me and I shall guide you and place the Light of My Eternal Love within your Hearts.  Love, My Children.  It is essential.  Forgive, My Children, for this too is essential to your Souls.
Come to Me constantly and always.  Renew your Love for Me daily.  Watch by your very prayers how your Hearts grow as does your understanding or discernment of My Will.  Pray, Belovéd Children.  Pray and trust in My Eternal Love.