Pray for the Little Flowers who are Simple & Good

By Linda

February 2, 2017

Father, I see how we, or I really, must be humble about things and let go of the desire to exceed like a job (hint hint) or what is normal to “us.”  I get that You timed my demise from work for Your purposes.  I agree.  I have Your work to do.  Okay, so I’ve put out more inquiries (hint) lately.  I’ like to work, so it’s easier for my husband.  But after that little tidbit You sent, You’ve pointed out to Me (again) that I seek work still for the wrong reasons.  It is still my pride saying “go do something grand and make sure you compete and get ahead!”  But those things, like being seriously, stupidly competitive for position and the money with it that can bring satisfaction….  You’re basically tell me that I’ve wasted half of my life (okay, exclude childhood), many years of my life working toward the wrong things.  That’s not funny.

Father, why did you make us with such competitive natures?  It is perverse that this is the case.  I mean, why give us that edge if we aren’t meant to use it while on earth??  Does that mean Formula 1 drivers and gymnasts are doing wrong?
   Or are You just picking on me?

Well, of course, You mean everyone.  And given our fickle nature and inclination towards curiosity, why did You make our nature so contrary to what You ask of us to do.  Is this like a litmus test??  This life?  Well, if we have to pretzel our way back into Your image (as my understanding is You made us in Your image), I’m expecting a lot more help from You and Heaven’s folks!

Okay, I get it.  If you want to be first, you’ll become last.  Here to serve, right?  Don’t You think You make it a bit tough on us??

3:05 pm



I yearn for you, My Belovéd Children and seek only your unending or uncomplicated Love.  I want you and I want to be inside your Hearts, not glowing as embers glow but as a roaring fire readying to come through stone and water.  Let the Flame of My Love pour through you and out of your Hearts and minds and mouths.  Let not what you hear from others, any thing against Me.  Do not allow another to douse the Flame in your Heart which is Mine and Mine alone. 

Belovéd Children, a Time comes when you shall surrender yourselves completely and I thirst and long for you, that in this state, your Hearts will always be placed in My Holy Glorified waiting Hands.  You do not see what is yet beneath you.  You look upon this World and ingratiate yourselves to the temporal, ignoring the Calls of Our Most Blesséd Mother who adorns those she calls with infinite Love.  She intercedes or has interceded for Man so greatly and despite the gentle and Loving voice or pleas of your Most Holy and Eternal Mother, the Queen of Heaven, you doubt her words. [There are no words (at least in my vocabulary) that can describe her elevation in Heaven – she’s like, really powerful and her love for us is really big too.]

Belovéd Children, I give you such opportunities in My Great Love for you.  Yet I see no advances or changes within the Hearts of Man.

Father, I think we do try.

The attempts show Me just how lukewarm your Love for Me has grown.  I am the Lord God and all that is I have made for the glory and to the Glory of Love.  Do not fear when you are obedient to your Holy Lord and Father.  Be prayerful and how rested will your Hearts be when they are most needed for war or battle.  You, Belovéd Children, do not know orunderstand the Nature of this struggle, but know it is and will be until the Christ is ready to deliver the Crown.

Father, I don’t understand.  What crown?  Father?

My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus longs to place the Heart of His GREATEST LOVE upon each of you, and He too pleas for more Time.  We dote upon you, Children.  You cannot dispel the Love of God, but Belovéd Children, so many of My Belovéd Children repel or dismiss it as if it were a dirty rag thrown to the streets.

And the crown?  What about the crown?  What does that mean??

Belovéd Child, you should not worry.  The dread in your Heart is not of Me but for others and you see with unblinded eyes what Men do that repels Me or wearies My Heart. Belovéd Child, is not all that is Mine purely Love?  The Crown of Christ, the King of Kings is a belfry of Love.  Why, Belovéd Child, shall you worry when I do not hurt My Children?

You “discipline” them/us, though, like the belt.

My Belovéd Children take this as unfair discipline or undo judgement, and how can the mind of an ant understand the mind of a horse, and the horse to Man? My Love for you is HUGE.  It is worthy of exultations and it embraces each of you so happily.  Know that you are guided on the path to Me by My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ.  He is the One who Redeems you.
The whole of Heaven cringes by the World’s response to His Glory and Love.  We (Heaven) are befuddled by this inclination for Man to reject such obvious and Holy Love.  My burden is not there or My Love does not bring burdens.  Rejoice in My Love, Dear Children.  Rejoice in My Great Love for you, as it is from My GREAT reservoir of Love for you that will give or gives or doles out so fully Love and Mercy.

In the Time that I call to each of you, the door to Mercy is widely opened and readying for Love and the cleansing of the Heart by My Forgiveness.  I will forgive your every sin if you but call out to Me in your sinful grief.  I will place My Loving Kiss upon your brow and rejoice for My Belovéd Children.

Oh Most Precious Children, you must not wait.  Dote upon the Christ Jesus, the Son of Man and give Him all of your affection and praise.  Belovéd Children, you cannot fathom the reasons or implications for His GREATEST Sacrifice. The scourges He suffered through death are the costs or worth or are worthy or Jesus found the scourges painful but more painful still was to leave His sheep unattended with no guide. [again, very visual]  Thus, Belovéd Children, you do not fathom the depth of His infinite Love.  Even My Most Prayerful Children cannot fathom the joys and rewards I set before you.

Wearied Children, rest and pray.  Your prayers must be strong and intent and often.  Do not spend your Time idly thinking of frivolous and temporal concerns.  Why do you place the labor you endure for such weak or sorry recompense and yet toil not to bring yourself to My Home, where joy is not temporal and the Soul is safely and happily ensconced in My Abode of Love?  You would prefer or rather eat stone than eat meat?  You prefer sour milk in place of the fruit of wine?  This is what you do when you dismiss the Precious and Most Gentle Love of My Son, Christ Jesus.  He is your water in the desert as you thirst.  He is the resplendent table filled with food and yet as you starve, you will not avail yourselves of even the scraps that fall from the table.  You are choosing a life that will lead to death instead of a Life that gives you new Life by My Son and the Holiest of all Holies.

Even when you spat upon Him, My Son’s Love for you neither waned nor diminished.  And to what extent will you Love and reciprocate His Love?  Belovéd Children, it is not enough to say you Love, for words are such temporary gifts.  It is the Heart that is moved to show or demonstrate Mercy, Love, Forgiveness, and generosity.  Do you not see this to be true?  If I say I Love My Belovéd Children and show no signs of Love or affection, what use are these words to you?  And if I discipline My Belovéd Children with words, shall any Child believe these words until action is placed within them?  You are My Belovéd Children, and I do not seek your fearfulness but ALL of your LOVE.

My Heart is weary and I long for your Love, My Children.  Pray that I might rest joyfully within them (our hearts), and (while) giving to you Love, such deep and passionate Love.  Do not be afraid, My Children.  Do no fear words.  I am always with you and seek your Love.  I desire to give you My Mercy, for it is generous and all Loving or ALL LOVE.  Recall, My Belovéds that I too require or need more substance than words.  

Pray for Man and for all the Little Flowers who are simple and good.  Pray for My Ample or worthy priests, My Servants of Holiness.  Bring them the gentle comfort of knowing they guide My Belovéd Children rightly.  Oh, Belovéd Children, pray for the ill and those who shall meet death with unprepared Hearts.  Know that your wondrous prayers instill in Me such Merciful and BIG Love!  I desire to be the provision of Love.  Allow Me to build the embers within your Hearts to a BIG or HUGE raging fire that you shall be a Light of Mine to bring your Brothers and Sisters to Me.  

Pray, My Belovéd.  Pray and trust in God always, for I am Love and all that I do and all that I give is brought forth from My Endless Well of Love and Mercy.  Peace, My Children.  Peace.