Father, I feel You so close to me!

By Linda

February 8, 2017

Belovéd Children, I am for you as a gentle and tender father is for his children.  I long to fill your Hearts with My Love.  I am a doting Father and I long for each of My Belovéd Children to call out to Me and hold My Hand as you live.  Oh, Belovéd Children, why do you deny yourselves this beauteous and Sacred gift?  Why do you turn away from Me?  Why do you resist My Unbounding Love for you?

Children, do you not see and can you not hear?  The trumpets are blowing loudly and yet your ears hear nothing.  The sun dims in the sky for approaching night, yet you do not see how light wanes before you.  Oh, Children, why do you (not) take My offer or Great Gift of Mercy?  It is sin and arrogance that blinds you to Me.  It is sin and arrogance that make you deaf to My Loving Calls.

Belovéd Children, you cannot live as hellions and not expect ramification.  I am the Lord God and Father.  I have created Mankind for Love with Love and by Love.  I am in each of you as you are in Me.  Love, My Children.  Do not hold your Hearts back from Me.  Would you deny yourself food from the table if you were starving?  Would you deny yourself water while you thirst?  Belovéd Children, pray and inspect or examine your Hearts minutely.  See or observe closely what you lack and where you are destitute.  Open your Hearts to Me/My Loving Spirit and fill yourself with all precious gifts and Holy Love and Mercy that you have denied yourself.

Do not worship what is temporal and do not pay homage to this World that falls away.  It is like building your home upon sand that sinks or like spending all that you have on trickery or something that tricks you, because you admire itor because others admire it.

Belovéd Children, come to Me in repentance of your many sins, and be confident that My Eternal Mercy is yours.  I long to save each one of My Belovéd Children from the darkness that eats at your Hearts.  I do not wish to lose even one Soul.  The whole of Heaven moans and laments each loss like a blow.  Why should you desire Eternal darkness and hell and its agonies and despair for Eternal joy and Love and unfathomable rewards?

When you begin to believe in the temporal and find yourself unable to separate yourself from it, you have lost your way and must come to Me to sooth your Belovéd and Fragile Souls with My Love and Forgiveness.  Yes, Belovéd Children, your Souls are so fragile and without My Love have no strength. Thus, I say, turn to Me and be saved for Eternal Life.  Children, I long for you and worry or see or recognize that you are dismissive and impassive to my Love and calls.  I see this and My Heart is pierced.  Love Me, My Children.

Follow all that My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, puts before you.  My Belovéd will lead (you) to the Father, and what the Son abhors, so does the Father, and every pain experienced by the Sacred Heart is experienced by the Father, and when the Son is doted upon and praised by Loving and attentive Hearts, so the Father does feel your Love and attention.  Belovéd Children, when you accept My Unconditional and fathomless Love, and reciprocate Love with your Love, how I rejoice and how do your concerns and worries diminish!

Belovéd Children, I am a Most Loving and protective Father, just as I am a profound and just God. [BIG]   I offer Love to My Belovéd Children and bring sinners to their knees when I am insulted by deviants and debauchery or raucous sinning.  I shall judge with justice those of My Children who have defiance in their Hearts.  I will strike down those who take glee in the insults of My Belovéd Son.  I will reject you as you reject Me, My Lost Children.  Do not die in this state of defiance, for there are consequences for both prayerfulness and obedience and dismissiveness and disobedience. A Good Father does not want or crave a hellion’s life for His Sons and Daughters.

Oh, Belovéd Children, there will come a time when the earth shall shift and lands will tumble into waters around the World.  The earth chides Mankind for hi great sins and moans for a return to Love and peace.  Belovéd Children, the World rebels of its inhabitants just as My Belovéd Children rebel against the Lord God and Father who Loves them still.
Belovéd Children, these ramifications will be GREAT Things or occurrences, and so shall Man see the majesty of the One True God.

Do not wait to adjust your life or do not wait to become attentive and Loving of Me, for you do not know when Time oryour Time comes.  And how shall you be prepared when your Heart is dedicated to the Worldly trappings?  So I say, My Belovéd Children, begin now and turn to Me for My Great Love and Mercy.  I will not turn any of My Children away.

Love others, especially those who have caused you woe or pain or disaster.  Pray dutifully, joyfully, and minutely to Me.  Your prayers are song to My ears and the whole of Heaven hears your cries and suffering and gifts of Love.  Love your Lord God and Father with tenacity and all of your being.  Do not let the words of sophists bring you against Me orlead you to betray your Belovéd God.  Love Me completely and Love your Brothers and Sisters.  Offer each of them Mercy as I give to you forgiveness.  How My Sacred Heart swells and is soothed of its pain when My Belovéd Children turn to Love and Mercy instead of anger and impatience. 

Pray, My Belovéd Children.  It is so much more powerful or effective than you can know or understand.  When you ask of Me help, healing, comfort, relief, and other gifts and blessings, so I do listen with great Love and answer your every prayer, according to My Holy and Divine Will and My Will for each of you is Love and all those things that are Holy and Blessed.
I do not lead or push My Belovéd Children into the Lion’s den, nor do I betray you by withholding My Boundless Love.  Turn to Me, Children and unburden your Hearts and Souls of darkness and sin.

Belovéd Children, Love Me.  Love those about you.  Forgive those who have betrayed and deceived you and offer your Love and forgiveness instead of anger and hatred, for hatred and anger surely lead to sin.  Pray, Belovéd Children.  Pray always for mitigation of this World’s fate or rumbling or upheaval.  Pray and intercede so kindly for My Belovéd Servants who I Love and treasure. [Priests]  Pray for all of My Little Flowers who are so filled with Love. [Kids]   Lead none of My Little Flowers astray or away from My Loved, for those who induce this calamity upon a child of God shall pay a steep price for their iniquities.  Thus, I say, lead My Belovéd Little Flowers to Love Me and always seek Me out.

Love, forgive, and pray, My Belovéd Children.  When you are in line or follow the Christ and His Most Loving way, how you please your Lord God and Father!  Belovéd Children, I find so troublesome your neglect of My Belovéd Son and your disdain of the Queen of Heaven and Peace.  Heaven’s Mother and cherished intercessor Loves this World so deeply and intercedes on Mans’ behalf.  I adore her, the Queen of Peace.  She is the Queen of Heaven and earth and what wounds her Holy Heart wounds the Christ Jesus.  Give to her your Love and devotion and affection.  Reciprocate her Love generously.  You do not know how potent her Holy Intercessions have been for Man.

Belovéd Children, there is no room for anger or impatience or hatred in My Heart and Holy Eyes.  Rid yourselves of these perverse things, and allow Me to interrupt those sins you would commit by (through) My Love for you.  Come to Me, Belovéd Children.  I adore you so specifically.  I have put every color of your eyes into them.  I have given your hands strength. I know all of you.  I know those things that shame you and those things of which you are ashamed.  Come to Me with Love and repentance in your Hearts and My GREAT Love for you and My Mercy will raise you up.

Trust in Me, your Lord God and Father. You are for Me as I am for you.  Come to Me and do not wait.  You do not wait to shutter your windows and secure your door when the violent storm comes, but ready yourself beforehand, lest you be surprised by fast winds and hardened hail.  Do not wait.  Come to Me and Love Me.  Come to Me for Love and forgiveness.  Please, My Belovéd Children, heed My many pleas for your Love.  Belovéd Children, I so Love you and grant to you My Loving Peace.