Exacting Love

By Linda

January 25, 2017

Belovéd Children, you are so frail and Belovéd by Me.  My Will for you is good and filled with blessings of My Love and Mercy.
Belovéd Child, you are too small to recognize the BIGNESS of My Love and those things that motivate or move My Love for you.  You are My small and Belovéd Child.  I hold you and kiss your brow in your troubled slumber.  I bring My Peace to you and fill you with My Loving Holiness.  Do not speak of things you believe are impossible, for the King of Kings has purchased your Salvation with His very Life and there are no regrets but extreme joy and Mercy and Love.  You are My Special and Belovéd Child.  You cannot live your life without Me.  Without knowing Me so intimately.  I am the Lord God and Father and I will protect you from the darknesses of this shattering World.  Love Me with your entire self.  I desire to fill your Hearts with My Light and Great Love.
Open your Hearts to Me, Dearest Children.  Be happily influenced by My Love which is so very immeasurable for you.  Belovéd Children, trust in Me.  Do not concern yourselves with those things you have deemed impossible, for through Me, all or everything is possible.  I grant you My Beauteous Miracles to express My GREAT Love for you.  It is My Loving and Merciful Will that you each live your Lives on the path My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, has placed before you.  Do you not fathom or have a small, minute inkling of His Love for you, Children?  His Sacred Heart pounds in joy by your full Love.  He weeps so heavily in His Burning Heart when He is so dismissed by those He Loves so well or so deeply.
Belovéd Children, do not wait.  Douse your curiosities and spend time in prayer, adoring the King of Kings, your very Salvation, your Life.  Spend your time knowing Me intimately.  Listen to the Holy guidance of the Most Loving predecessor, the Spirit of joy and Light or Life. [I think it’s both.]  Your Lord God is ever with you, and you must faithfully pray that My Love for you and your faithful prayers give this astounding World new hope for your Lives. [The world totally requires our prayer.]
Oh Children, the air is besotted by ash and smoke.  Such fires rage throughout this World and the earth stomps its feet at you.  For the great sins of humanity dismiss all of My Wondrous Creations.  The earth is shocked by your sins and trembles over My Wrath.  The fires in red and orange and black balls fall from the sky like the burning stars come at night [very visual thing].  Belovéd Children, rely on Me.  Pray and shutter your homes safely.  Shutter your Hearts safely that you are not surprised by the storm but are ready for its destructive winds.  
Do not be afraid, My Children.  When you are safely ensconced in My Loving Heart, no wind can break your Souls in half and no darkness will betray you. [Nothing will fool you]  Pray, My Children, always, and know with ALL of your Hearts the Sacredness and FULL blessings of Communion with Christ Jesus.  You cannot fathom the Life you receive by consumption of His Body and great Sacrifice.  You do not fathom the astonishing truth of the Christ’s Sacrifice for Mankind.  Thus, I say to each of My Belovéd Children, Believe that My Most Belovéd Son years to be in you, for you, around you, and ever in your Hearts.  [Such passion!!]  Belovéd Children, be one with the Christ and worship Him faithfully, Lovingly, and with the true beauty of reverence.  How you salve His Burning Heart when you sing His praises and spend all of your time in adoration of Him.

Belovéd Children, do not be fooled by sophists and the false words of empty and unholy prophets.  You will ask how you shall discern the ones who have Light within them and who has darkness within them made to look like Light.  I say to you, Belovéd Children, pray!  The Spirit of Our Love does not treat My Belovéd Children treacherously, but gives each of you full and joyful Hearts.  Know the voice of the Holy Spirit and allow His Love to guide you beyond the evil hazards.  There is much darkness in or in this World, and My Belovéd Children so easily fall into its traps when you stray from Me, even a little bit.  [like extremely, totally a small bit matters.] 
I do not relent in sending each of you My Love.  I am Love and I can bear the brunt of humanity’s errors because I Love you so thoroughly and each of you with such exacting Love.  My Love for each of My Belovéd Children is specific, unique, and exacting or [it is literally spot on specific] Do not doubt the treasure that is My Love.  I will give you ALL of My Mercy and ALL of My Love.  Repent, Dear Children.  Come to Me in sorrow and repentance and know the joy and relief in your Hearts that My BIG Forgiveness and Love give you.  You will feel My Love for you erase your transgressions by My Mercy and Love.
Children, do not stray and do not delay in your preparation for My Mercy.  Pray, Belovéd Children, and trust Me in all things.  I am your Lord God and ever Loving Father.  I give to you good gifts according to My Will for you and it is simply, always Loving and Merciful.  [This was said like, duh!  It’s that simple.  I love you.]
Pray, My Little Ones.  Pray and see the joy that your Love brings to My Heart.  How I adore each of you, My Children.  Come to Me now and rejoice in My Mercy.  Children, I tell you, do not wait.  Do not wait.  The World stumbles and you cannot afford to stumble with it while not knowing Me or without a devoted, intimate relationship with Me.  Pray, My Belovéd Children, and ponder always the Greatest Sacrifice (that was made for) for your Lives with Love, adoration, and reverence.  Belovéd Children, peace into your Hearts.