Increase your recitations of the rosary

By Linda

November 13, 2017

3:21 – 4:17 pm Adoration

Father, You must know of the attacks (against me at night). I was afraid and felt that dark “something,” and I couldn’t get to sleep (until 4 am) for feeling them watching and waiting. I woke so many times to feel that yucky presence. Father, I know You are there. Or, were there, but how come my heart was not comforted? How come I still felt surrounded and unsafe?? And when I did feel safe, it was not for long. And then today, I am nauseous and anxious and looking at the sky. I am feeling that long-term or long-time dread. Why is it there in my heart? Please explain or just make me feel better. Thank You, Papa. I love You.

[I felt much better at and after going to Adoration.]

Belovéd Child, I tell you, do not fear, and I see what your anxiety is. You grow anxious in your worry of others. I hear your prayers for each of them. Have faith and trust in your Loving Father. I answer your sweet prayers with such Love! Do not delay in your service to Me. Child, you of all people must follow My Instructions or Requests. How will you be strong for others when you are not strong for yourself? Go to confession Child, and give a thorough accounting of your sins. Experience the lightness you shall know within your Soul.

Confess constantly, for My Belovéd Children are in a constant or perpetual state of sin. Your Heart should be made clean daily. If you could see the state of your Souls or the Nature of your Souls, you would cringe by the recognition of your sins and the pain they have inflicted upon My Belovéd Son, Christ Jesus, who, by His Love, endured the humiliation or lowered status of becoming Man. And within His humiliation further experienced by His Glorious Death on the Cross.

Child, you must become stronger in your faith. I should always be first in your Heart. For of what value are your chores and tasks if they keep you apart from Me? Child, I have said to you, prepare. Pray and remain close to the Heart of your Lord God and Just Lord. I am your Merciful Father and the doors of Mercy have been opened that Mankind should find the opportunity for compassion and thus come to Me for it and hold it tightly to their chests. But so few come to Me for My Eternal Mercy. If you understood the very nature and value of this gift, how you would scramble to Me!

Children, these doors that have remained open for so long shut. Even as you consider the wisdom of seeking Me out, they close. Do not wait, My Children. Ah, so many of you, My Belovéd Children, are in such grave states. So many will be flung into hell, even as I weep bitterly for those Souls who are lost. Many shall spend their Eternity in burning reparations for their sins [I believe this references purgatory.].

Believe this to be true, My Children. I am a Merciful Father and a Just Judge. Even the least or smallest of My Children need to make their reparations. The quantity of time and calibre of purification is dependent on every “thing,” no matter how minute, you do now. Every day, your Soul is touched by your actions, whether they be good and blesséd or wicked and dark. Each impacts your Souls with both graces and scars or wounds. Your Souls are such fragile things. They are light gossamer. A spider’s web that gives way, because it cannot keep the graver sins from penetrating its depths.

Children, you must not delay but believe that I urgently call out to you. Pray that others hear and answer My Loving Calls before the doors of Mercy are totally closed. If My Children understood the nature of My Compassion and Eternal things, you would see the necessity of My Mercy. You would not wait and make yourself or allow yourself to be busy with other concerns.

Pray, My Children, for so many do not answer when they hear, and so many, when hearing, deliberately turn My Love away with gleeful pride in their power to disobey one as great as the I AM. These Children are swayed by darkness and are tied tightly to its wickedness. Thus, My Children, it is crucial that you pray for them.

Your prayers are songs to Me and I delight in your words, both important to you and what you consider the mindless or unimportant. I take such joy when you include Me, your very Lord God and Father, in the beauty of your Life. It has been My Gift of Love to you and I rejoice to see you participating in the Love of humanity and the very joy you have for Life. Children, and is not the Life I give to you and your Little Flowers, such a wonderful and joyous gift? One that should always be valued, respected, and forged by Love. Yes, the very creation of Life was a great Act of Love by your Heavenly Father.

But I weep and grieve most terribly, for this World has become a people of death. You have become of darkness in your embracing of violence, sin, debauchery, hatred, and death. Belovéd Children, you curse the gifts of My Little Flowers and kill each one without a thought. Killing has become second nature within your Souls. What shall you do when the great death befalls this earth? How will you hide? What recourse will you have? Who shall fight for you in the dangerous Times? I shall not stand for the violent murders of My Gifts of the Little Flowers. By whose right do you destroy what I have created? You are not the One True God, your Creator. I am judge and what I give to Man I can or will also take away. [His pain and anger over the killing of children in the womb is BIG.]

There are unusual unions that will bear no fruit. A man with a man will not bear fruit nor will a woman who lays with another woman. Children, your treacherous natures allowed this sin to take root and indeed receive the full encouragement of those who KNOW it is a sin. My Children freely compromise with sin. It has now become so familiar that it cannot be discerned within your darkened Hearts.

Children, you are easily fooled by the ones who are anti-Christ, and they continuously pull at your Souls. They are greedy for your Souls that they can lay the Souls of My Belovéd Children before the Angel rejected, the Satan. Only with fervent and constant prayer will you discern what is truly white throughout and what is only a veneer of white with an interior so blackened by sin, it wafts of sulfur or smells of sulphur.

Children, I am Love. Know this is true with all of your Hearts and Souls. Know also, that evil exists and runs rampant within this World. How can you fight that which you cannot see or identify? Thus, I say to each of My Belovéd Children, pray. Pray and your Souls are protected from that which is evil. Pray and you are saved from Eternal perdition by My Beatific Son’s Hands.

Children, give homage to and worship with GREAT Love, My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, for in His Love for you, He has brought redemption for this World. Children, pray to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, and shower Him with words of Love and praise. How your Love soothes the pain of His Wounds. Know that each would inflicted by Man is reopened with every sin that leads even one of you to hell. Children, you are redeemed by Christ the King, and His Love for you does not falter, just as My Unfathomable Love for you does not falter. But know, My Dearest and Belovéd Children that you are not saved until you seek out the Love and compassion of your Lord God and Father. Thus, I say, come to Me unfettered by the petty or unimportant concerns of this World. Trust in Me as a Child trusts in his Loving Father. Know that I do not overlook My Children and My Will for you is good, Loving, and just.

Do not doubt in your tribulations. Of what good is faith so easily ripped apart? Your faith must be like the boulders on mountains, stuck in their heaviness to their foundation of rocks or dirt. You must be religious in your devotion to Me and increase your recitations of the Blesséd Rosary. Children, the power of this prayer alone saves many of this World. Pray for those who have been forgotten and whose Souls burn in endless reparation for their sins. [again, purgatory]

Children, pray, and prepare your Hearts for the much needed correction of Man. While it shall be a shocking and terrible thing or action, you will survive by your prayers and know your loyalty and trust in the Christ are deservedly wise. For the Christ is Merciful and Just, and what is justice without Mercy, but a cold and hardened thing. Thus, pray and reconcile your lives with Me. Know that this marks a sign or proof of the end days. You see the World as it has stood, year after year, and your sins have only increased year after year. In what way shall a parent respond to their Belovéd but unruly Child? In their Love, they correct the Child with discipline or consequences. See that My Actions are from Love, not anger or hatred. What comes is a desperate attempt to open the shut eyes of those who are lukewarm in their faith and disbelieving. Only calumny will make My Children hear and only calamity or disaster will open the eyes of doubtful Man.

Belovéd Children, pray. Pray for this World and for those who seek to corrupt it. Pray for My Servants, for so many will suffer great tribulations. They will be rejected by their World for their Love of Me. My Servants will be betrayed by their corrupted Brothers and martyred before Man. My Servants will weaken in their faith and turn away from their Lord God. Pray that My Servants build their strength of Spiritual Love for Me. Pray that each of the disasters that take place and that are more fantastic in size and destruction are mitigated still by your prayers. Your Loving prayers have mitigated the destruction of many, many disasters. Thus is the very strength of prayer.

Belovéd Children, do not count your Time as plenty. You cannot know when the Time for reparation comes. Thus, Love Me with all of your beings and praise the Son of God, the Christ Jesus throughout your days. Peace, My Children. I give to you My Peace.