Prayer Guides You to Me

By Linda

November 28, 2018

Adoration 1:23 pm – 2:15 pm

Children, I call out to you and ask you to pray. Children, your prayers are a salve to the wounds of My Loving Heart. My Heart is wounded by the fantastic sins of this World and My very angels shield their eyes from them. Belovéd Children, sin is like a disease that eats at your body. It grows and consumes until your body is filled with illness. Such is sin and its effects on your Belovéd Souls. Children, sin is like a syphon. It pulls all that is good out of your Soul and leaves nothing but an emptiness of darkness. Children, sin is like a darkness which cannot be penetrated by light. It is a terrible wound to your Souls, and it must not be allowed to fester. 

Know this to be true, My Children, a day comes when your sins will be shown plainly in daylight. What was once good becomes good again after having been made black. And all that is black, having clothed itself in white, will be known as the evil they are.

Children, a Time comes when you shall long for the Body of My Most Belovéd Son, and He will be hidden from many. My Children will yearn and thirst for His BIG Blessings. You shall feel lonely and dejected. It is at these times when you must be ever-faithful to the Christ Jesus, proclaim His Word, and trust that He sustains you as you pray.

Children, come close to Me now. Grab the foldings of My robe and cling tightly like children to their Loving Father. Do not stray, but attach yourselves firmly to Me. I give to you good gifts, and I bless the prayerful with guidance, fortitude, and constancy. Where you fear, you will have courage. When you are weak, I shall give you the strength of ten men. Where you are confused, I shall provide you wisdom and discernment, all for the sake of your constant prayers to Me.

Trust that your prayers are heard with Loving ears and I long to give you all of My Graces constantly. My Love for you leads Me to long for each of My Children, regardless of your state. I Love the poor man living in the streets. I Love the fearful child who waits for his parents’ punishments. I Love the lonely, the sinful, the prayerful, the old and young, the murderer and pedophile, the thief, the liar. 

I am your Creator. I have created each of you, and I Love what I have created. Thus, I say, come to Me with Contrite and hopeful Hearts, and I shall Love you and forgive you with open arms. Children, you do not believe you are “worthy” of forgiveness, of Love or joy?

Belovéd Children, I have created each of you, the multiple colors within your eyes, the veins and their pathways within your bodies, and the birthmarks on your skin, and what I created is beautiful and precious to Me. Give to Me your Hearts, and I shall make you whole.

Belovéd Children, attend My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, with GREAT Love, affection and reverence. Be an example to your brothers as to how He must be worshipped and Glorified, for He is the Son of God, and it is only through Him that you are saved. Thus, I say, My Belovéd Children, approach Him with hope, joy, Love, and tenderness. Adore Him with your entire Heart. Keep My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, company, so that your Hearts are an open invitation to His Love. Salve the wounds of the Cross on His Body with constant prayer and adoration. You do not fathom the blessings you receive from adoring Him for even one minute.

Belovéd Children, there is much to be done, the least of which is not prayer. You must pray every day and seek Me out. Seek out My Most Beauteous and Beatific Son and give to Him all the Love that is contained in your Hearts. Come to Him. Come to your Lord God who craves the company of His Belovéd Children.

Children, prayer will make you strong. Prayer will give you the fortitude you need to face the difficulties you shall face. Prayer will give you the discernment to know what is good and what is a lie, for there are many lies and liars telling lies in this World even now. Children, pray, and by your prayer, the words you say will turn into the music and wisdom of the Holy Spirit who seeks to guide you in all things.
Children, pray for My Belovéd Servants. ****  Trust in Me, Children, for you are My Treasures. All that I do and all that I permit is to bring you, My Belovéd Children, to Me. You did not listen to My gentle calls. You did not take heed of My Warnings, and these have been many. So it is disaster now that I use to bring your attention to Me.

Belovéds, I protect you and give you strength to bear your burdens and trials. It will not be or it is not and it will continue not to be an easy time for this World. One shall die after suffering, others shall live to bring suffering to others. Know, My Children, that those of you who are hated and condemned for My Sake have a place in My Kingdom already.

Children, again, I say to you, do not fear. Do not concern yourselves with the trials that come, but trust in Me. I shall give you all that you need when you are in need. Trust in Me and My Will for you.

Children, prepare yourselves with deep, unending prayer. Prayer guides you to Me and shows you the path of righteousness. Many of My Prayerful will be Lights to those who have denied Me for so long and to those who are in ignorance. Prepare with great prayer and arm yourself with all things that are Holy. Do not be afraid, My Children. I Am with you always and My Love for you is BIG and it engulfs you in Times of most need and angst.

Belovéd Children, confusion and fear are not of Me. When you feel confused or fearful, cast out this inner chaos by prayer. The Rosary is the most powerful prayer of all. Belovéd Children, you are My Loves. Do not doubt My Love, but trust in Me. Trust in Me and in that Trust, you are made peaceful or your Hearts are no longer troubled. Peace, My Children.