Open your dying hearts to my love

By Linda

December 6, 2018

3:25 – 4:09 pm Adoration

Father, my heart hurts.

Belovéd Child, you are in My Hands and Heart. How can you be troubled when your Almighty God and Father is here protecting and sheltering you always with My Great Love. These are not your sins, Child, but it is good that you pray, for the blood of My Belovéd Children flows unstopped. This is the source of My Pain. This sin of death pierces My Loving Heart so deeply, My Children cannot conceive of the pain. [I have been praying about abortions, and it hurts a lot.]

Little Children, I can forgive you all of your sins. Believe My Words to be true. I long to comfort you in your sorrow and unhappiness. I am your Loving Father, and I wait for you with great hope and expectation. Do not doubt My Love, My Children, but step (towards) Me and know the joy of My Love. Children, do not fear approaching Me. I am your Loving Creator, and I cannot resist those I Love. You charm My Heart with your prayers and the whole of Heaven hears your prayers like song.

Oh, wounded Children, do not hesitate to come to Me. I wait for each of you. Children, trust in My Will, for it is always good and right. Though you may no understand why I allow or disallow things to happen, Trust in My Great Love for you. Nothing happens unless it is to bring My Belovéd Children closer to Me.

Father, I worry about those who don’t know You, know You. Like the mothers who write to Me. I worry. Please, take this worry out of my Heart.

Child, you can only decide to be with Me. It is your will, just as it is My Children’s wills not to be with Me. I am not an obtrusive God, even though I long for the attention of all My Children. You may trust that I hear your prayers and answer them according to My Will, which is always good and just. I protect those for whom you pray to bring their Hearts to Me.

I have said to you, your prayers will mitigate great storms and force rivers to new paths. Your prayers touch Me so deeply, and how can I resist your Loving requests? Trust in Me and My Love, beatific mothers. I see your children within your Hearts, and I Love them too.

Belovéd Children, now is a moment of peace, but it will not always be so. It is temporary, and in the spring, the peace will be disrupted. Oh, Children, pray. Pray, for you and your children will face such trials. Yet, even as I tell this to you, I say pray, and I will mitigate whatever storms visit this World.

Belovéd Children, a violent Time comes that is spread from nation to nation like a fire in wind. Children, it will come quickly when you are at peace. Prepare your Hearts and turn to Me in your fear and confusion. I do not let chaos overcome those who are prayerful, and as a gift for your devotions, I protect those you Love with My Abundant Mercy.

Children, such things will befall many and others not at all. Trust in Me always, whether you find yourself in deep difficulties or sheltered under the Holy Mantle of Heaven’s Blesséd Mother. Turn to Me and submit yourselves to My Divine Will.
I say to you, Belovéd Children, it will not be an easy time for many. I cannot tell you otherwise to console your Hearts, but know this to be true. Each assault upon you, every ridicule, every hatred, all suffering that you endure for Love of My Son, the Christ Jesus, will save many, many Souls. I save especial places in My Beatific Kingdom for those who are martyred in My Name.

What you endure in this World will be difficult, but your reward will be awesome. I give good gifts to My Children, and My Rewards for those who remain faithful and devout are ineffable. Each gift dwarfs your desires and luxuries here in this World. Open your Hearts to Me and the power of temporal desires wanes within you.
Children of My Heart, hear My Calls and bring others to Me. Tell them of My Great Love and bring them to Me. Children, do not wait for the storm to come before you ready yourselves. Prayer is your greatest preparation. Know that I give to you, fortitude and discernment, to those who are constantly prayerful.

Belovéd Children, I offer My Great Love and Mercy to you. Take this gift and hold it to your breast, for the blessings you are receiving are more than you can know.[There are absolutely  no words to describe its BIGNESS.]

Belovéd Children, leave off sin and spend your days worshipping My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. Behold His Sacred Heart and the wounds inflicted to it by your sins. Pray for forgiveness and give consolation to His Loving Heart.

Children, pray and consider with the entirety of your Hearts, My Belovéd Son’s Sacrifice. My Belovéd, the Lord Christ, endured death that you may live. The truth of this is profound and sacred.

Belovéd Children, pray deeply, so you may grow closer to your Lord God. I give graces to My Prayerful Children and I am made happy by your company. 
Oh Children, the sins of this World are heavy ones. My Heart is troubled by this, because too many of My Children fall into hell. Children, because so many disbelieve in hell and reject the Christ Jesus outrightly, they live in darkness and will ultimately fall into the hell that is so terrible. Children, I lament! You are made for Love and by Love and with Love. You were not made for Satan’s hands, but (for) My very Own in My Blesséd Kingdom.

Believe, Children, I Am and therefore, you must know Me. Your will is thick, and you are stubborn. Children, open your dying Hearts to My Love. Forego death and sin. Many are fooled by sophists. My Innocent Children who are ignorant of their faith in Me, (and their) Lord God and Father, and they become easy prey for those who seek to misguide My Belovéd Children. The weakest Souls, those who rarely pray or who refuse to know Me, will face many hardships. Thus, oh Prayerful Ones, pray too for your Brothers and meet their Hearts when chaos and confusion put them in peril. Pray and I shall open the Lights of your Hearts to My Discernment.

Gentle Children, I am a Loving Mystery. Do not fear this World, for once you are Mine, what can touch you? What can harm you when you have given your Heart over to Me?

Belovéd Children, rocks of fire will be strewn upon the earth from the skies and fires will blaze to consume land after land. Great diseases come, and your prayer mitigates these things and stays My Heavy Hand. 

Children, you are My Delight. I do not want to have you engaged in trials of this World, but this is of your own making. I have called out to you with Loving Words and actions. My Children do not listen. It is only through difficulty that I receive your attention. Know that this is the reason for calamities.

Your Lord God and Father desires His Children be with Him Eternally. Thus, I shall do all that is possible to bring My Children to Me. Pray, My Children, and I give to you strength and courage. Pray for My Belovéd Servants. Pray for those whose transgressions are great, for I am Merciful. Pray for those who continue to promulgate the death of babies, for their punishments are terrible and this very sin is an abhorrent afront to Me.

Belovéd Children, pray and I give to you My Peace.