I delight in your voices

By Linda

November 19, 2018

3:11 - 4:06 pm

3:08: I don’t know what has come over me, Father, Jesus. It is as if my back is carrying a weight of sadness about this world. I can’t think too much because I get depressed. About sins, abortion…they are so little and innocent and deserving of life and love. Please, Father, forgive us for all of these deaths. I wish I could protect You from the sorrows of this World’s actions and behavior. It makes my stomach turn.

Belovéd Child, you are so small and yet Love so greatly. I am the Lord God and Father. All that My Belovéd Children do affects Me, for joy and gladness or in sorrow and righteousness.

Children, I am a God of Love and Mercy. I am also a God who is just in His Righteousness. Do not think I dismiss your sins so easily in light of My Great Love for you. I do not accept sin and tell you, My Belovéd Children, do not believe that compromising with even one sin is acceptable in My Holy Eyes. Choose Life, My Children. Your Time here is a fleeting moment, but oh, such an important one. Every action, every thought, every emotion and every behavior reverberates in My Heart, and I know you. I know each of you so well. Believe in Me, My Children, for I am the Divine Creator, and what I create cannot be put down in death.

Children, hear Me. Open your eyes and see the truth of My Words. Children, hear Me. Listen to what I say and what I have said. Do not doubt Me in your temporal Life. Do not doubt in My very Presence and true Divinity. So many of My Children fall into sin, because the false treasures it provides are immediate in the eyes of Man, and My Great, infinite, and Eternal rewards are not before your eyes. Thus, there is a lack of trust and belief in the Blessings and Joy I offer My Children. Do not be fooled by what this World gives to you. It is all temporal, but My Love is not.

Know this to be true, My Children, many doubt and resist My Love, and I say, woe to those who have heard but do not believe. Woe to those who have denigrated the Belovéd and Glorious Son of the Father, the Christ Jesus. How must I stand by and listen to His Divine Name treated so coarsely? How long must I endure the ridicule thrust forth by Man, because his faith has lapsed or disappeared entirely.

Children of My Heart, pray. It is only through prayer that mitigates what comes. Man is in desperate need of correction. You are My Belovéd Children, and all that I do and allow is from My Deep Love for you. I am the Perfect and Holy Parent, and what parent does not stop their child from danger?

My Love for you is so great, I am willing to let you witness the shock of your spiritual dryness or damage. Belovéd Children, those who disbelieve or even hate the Christ Jesus shall see or witness the true terror of their Souls’ darknesses. They shall be thrust into blackness and all they shall hear are the moans of those who have paved the path for them with the sins of the past.

Belovéd Children, pray. You cannot know the power of your constant prayers. I delight in your voices and take comfort in the Love in your Hearts for Me. Belovéd Children, not one stone from a mountain or fire from the sky shall hurt you. What comes, you shall understand, because the Spirit will touch you. Do not fear and have no worries. When you are wanting, I provide. Trust in Me explicitly and do not deny Me. Hold strong to My Love and continue praying like My Good Children.

Belovéd Children, a Time of anger and chaos comes. Men shall turn against Man and children will turn against their Fathers. Whole families will be wrenched from each other’s arms because of this chaos and because of their lack of prayer.

Children, now is the Time to declare your Love of Me and your trust in the Lord God, Christ Jesus. Declare your Love loudly, so that others will be amazed. Some will mock you and stone you [physical violence]. Others will laugh and jail you. Yet, still others will hear and see and thus be brought into the bosom of God’s Love.

Anticipate hatred, My Children. You will be hated for Loving Me. Many will be martyred, especially My Most Prayerful and Most Humble Servants. The Spirit shall guide you when you pray for discernment. Pray, and the Spirit shall lead you directly into the saving embrace of Christ, the Eucharist. The Great Blessing shall become so scarce, you will long for the time you could partake of His Great Blessing daily.

Children, strengthen your Souls today, with the Holy Eucharist. Embrace the Love of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus. You live on the cusp of Mercy and Justice. What will you do when you face the latter if you have not garnered the former?

Children, the World’s lack of Love and reverence for the Christ Jesus pangs Me. The whole of Heaven is appalled by the irreverence of this World. So many beg Me to act to correct Man now. Yet, your Most Belovéd Queen of Peace stays My Hand, day after day and hour by hour. Even She tires of the sins committed against the Son of Man. She Loves this World as Her Belovéd Son does. Why do My Children lack respect for My Son? Why do you drive Him away from your lives? He is your Saving Grace. Without Him, you can have no Life. It is only with Him and through Him that I accept you into My Kingdom.

Children, I have chosen many to bring word of My desire. That Man return to their true and just worship of their Lord God and Heavenly King. My Children have sounded the trumpets by their efforts, but they are not believed. Instead, they are ridiculed and insulted by those they would have Me save. Belovéd Children, the Time is so near now. Your sins have grown so massive and terrible, the sins deserve punishment. Instead, I give to Man one more chance to come to Me.

Belovéd Children, when honey does not suffice, shock will. What comes is not a Time of pleasantries and happiness or peace. You will be tested so thoroughly. Keep strong in your faith. You will be threatened by sophists and statesmen who seek power alongside the deceiver.

Oh Children, before you are made a victim or martyr, ensure that you do not succumb to sin nor the lies that you will be told. Rely on the Spirit to guide you lest you grow confused by the traitorous sophists. Listen to Me, My Children and pray. Increase your prayers for this World and know with each prayer you save a person or mitigate disaster. Belovéd Children, the earth screams with labor pains, and My Children do not see. If they see, they do not hear. If they see and hear, too often they ignore what they are told and what is standing before them. 

Children, you are Lights within My Eyes and you will continue to be so. It is a blessing for you that you shall be so prayerful. Yet, it is also a detriment to your lives, because you will be a target for the ugly attacks of this World. People will test your Love for Me. My Children, and especially My Holiest Servants, shall be tested. Thus, My Children, give to them all of your prayers and help.

Soon My Belovéd Servants will need to hide, even as their brethren remain standing proudly in front of a desecrated altar. Provide My Good Servants a bed and food. Provide them with shelter and Love. Keep My Servants safe and well, for the Eucharist will be so very scarce. Because the sophists will have purchased the Souls of some of My Precious Servants, they will make claims against those who are faithful and lead them to death. My Servants will flee, and they will be right to do so. They shall hold Mass underground in small places, and their Love and work for My Belovéd Children will sustain many. Thus, I say, prepare for their needs.

Belovéd Children, you are such curious creatures! You cannot know when My Chosen time will arrive. Do not guess at it, for you cannot be correct. Know though, that you will have to face death in Life and Life in death. Even if you die before I give to this World the disasters meant to correct them as My Children, you must still account for yourselves. Therefore, do not prepare solely for My Chastisement. Prepare for the sake of your individual Souls. I shall prevail on earth and I desire that My Children are with Me.

Belovéd Children, the Time for My Mercy ends. It will come suddenly, and those who waited, believing their Time endless, and placed the Worldly over the Eternal shall be shocked and ashamed of their decisions. Children of the Lord, peace can be had when all people in this World turn to Me. I am Love and I can do all things. But this World has embraced death, sin, dishonor, and irreverence instead of Life, piety, virtue, and reverence. So shall you see the detriments of sin. 

There will be odd floods in strange places. The ocean will rise and swell unexpectedly. Fires shall rage throughout the land unstopped and unfettered. The earth shall tremble with anger about your sins. Great natural happenings will take place, one worse than the other, until My Belovéd Children recognize and pursue My Love. 

Children, you are Mine, for I have created each of you with Love, for Love, and by Love. Trust in your Lord God and know My Peace is ever with you