Little Baby Jesus Degraded by Humanity

By Valentina Papagna

January 10, 2023

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Little Baby Jesus Degraded by Humanity

Throughout the day, and then again throughout the night, non-stop, I was in so much agony caused by the pain in my leg. It was unbearable. I was tossing and turning all night. I tried to pray but could not.

Then about seven-thirty in the morning, Blessed Mother appeared with little Baby Jesus. She was dressed all in beautiful white.

She said, “I am very sorry that you suffer so much. It is my Son who gives you the pain. Come and have a look at my Son, how he is degraded, refused and abused, and how He is rejected by the world, that He is lying on the dirt road.”

“It couldn’t get lower than that. I come so that you will console my Son.”

“Come and gently lift Him up and console Him, press Him against your heart, and tell Him that you love Him.”

I could see Baby Jesus lying on a dirt road, with only a little nappy covering Him. He was so small, like a newborn. He was screaming and crying and crying. It was so painful to see Him crying so much and lying in the dirt.

Blessed Mother said, “He is God and the Creator of the Universe, and look at what they are doing to Him. He is under the feet of humanity. They walk all over Him.”

“Come and lift Him up and console Him.”

I did as Blessed Mother asked, trying to gently lift Him up by placing my hands under His little Arms.

“No, not like that,” said Blessed Mother in a gentle voice.

“Gently place one hand under His Head and Neck and your other hand under His little bottom because he is in such pain.”

Blessed Mother was teaching me how to lift Baby Jesus because He is in so much pain because of humanity.

I did as Blessed Mother asked, and I lifted Him up, and then Blessed Mother gently wrapped Him in a little white linen cloth that she held in her hand.

He was screaming and crying and crying. I gently patted Him on his little bottom so that He would stop crying, but He was inconsolable.

While I was holding Baby Jesus, the Blessed Mother was talking to me. She said, “I could not believe it. Never before, for Christmas, that a Baby would be rejected like now. I am sorry for the pain He gives you. It was entirely for my Son Jesus that you suffered. It was only for Him and not for the Holy Souls.”



This last Christmas, Little Baby Jesus was rejected by humanity more than ever before. The coming years will be even worse because humanity does not want to accept Baby Jesus.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us and on the whole world.