A Powerful Message

By Linda Noskewicz

May 20, 2015


Belovéd Daughters, much comes.
You are My Blesséd Ones.
Stand guard over the souls I crave and do not be afraid.

Belovéd Children, I call to you at the behest of the Father.
Pray, Children.
Turn to the Lord Christ.
Love Jesus with warmest hearts.


5:12 pm

Sing praises to the Lord God, 
for He is your Savior and path or conduit to My Mercy, Belovéd Children.

Sing praises and exhort His Name grandly 
and across the mountains and seas before you.

Praise the Christ with your entire Hearts, for He is My Belovéd Son

There can be no other like the Christ, 
for He is Me, in Me and in Communion, 
as One True God.

Belovéd Children, your prayers are weak 
and the Love or attentiveness of My Children waning.

Do not cast your lots with (the) World, My Belovéds, 
for this World will fail you and lead you astray.

Look to the Light placed in your Hearts by Me 
and stoke the flames of Love that reside there.
Stoke them and behold this World with new eyes; 
through the Eyes of the Christ.

Teach others to Love and open the doors to their salvation.
I have many doors to open and much Love to give.
I Am Love and garner yours like a jealous husband or Lover.

I want your fullest Love, My Children.
Do not ever think or dream otherwise.
I call out to you perpetually.

My Voice, My Longing can be heard in the skies above you, 
like the wails of wind in a storm.

I weep for My Belovéd Children, 
for this World I Created for you from Love and for Love languishes 
from your neglect of Me, 
your One True Lord God and Father.

Be still My Children, and see the destruction that comes from afar.
Were My Children but obedient, how those skies would be clear of smoke 
and as beautiful and fresh as a newborn.

Lest you forget, 
the sins of this World are great and awful.
I pity you even as I Long for you.
Come to your Belovéd and Loving Father for your repose.

Your Almighty Lord God plans for you.
I have many rewards in My House 
and I long to provide or sprinkle or distribute them to My Belovéd Children, 
as gently as mist and with the Love of FULLEST Love.

I Am Love and thus cannot be contained.

My Love abounds.
It seeks your Hearts 
and I wish for your attentions and Love.

Oh Belovéd Children, do not languish in this troubled World 
without knowledge or Love for Me,
the God and Father who Loves you.

Belovéd Children, do not cast yourself alone 
into a battle or war or disaster of your own making.

You can not know the dangers in which you place your Belovéd Souls 
when you reject or ignore Me, 
your Lord God who Loves you.

Do not reject My Love for you in favor of this World’s temptations.
They are false golds 
and provide No value for your souls.

My Love and Mercy were bought by the Lamb of God, 
for My Belovéd Son cries out for you 
and longs to provide you His and Mine, divine mercies.

Love My Belovéd and Dearest Son, the Christ.
He leads you to Me, the Father He adores.
He is the Light as I am the destination.
He Lights your way to Me.

Listen for His Words or guidance.

Be prayerful and you will know and understand 
that My Will for each of you is Love, in and of itself.

Oh Children, praise My Son, 
for He opened the door to Mercy for all ages 
and a Merciful and Loving God is what this World will need at the assigned hour.

Do not rest your heads to sleep 
without acknowledging your Lord God who Loves you.

Exult Me, My Son, with constancy.
I hear your praises and revel in your Love.

Believe in Me and My Love for you.
Pray and I answer.
Listen and I speak.

You are all My Belovéd Children, 
across the World I made you, My Belovéd Creations, in My Very Image 
that in My Kingdom we shall be in Communion with Love Eternally or for the whole of Eternity.

Seek Me out, Children of this World.
Turn your eyes away from sin.
Do not deviate from the path of Love set before you.

I weep, for so many of My Children are lost to Me now.

By your rejection of My Love and Body (?), 
you place yourselves in pitch.
You live in darknesses 
and shall die into darkness for all of Eternity.

Do not disbelieve, My Beautiful and most Belovéd Children.
Feel the Love of your Lord Christ thrum or course though (you).
Taste His Bewildering Love for you, 
for We are as One and My Love is also Great.

Call out to the Christ.
Introduce or meet Him within your Hearts.

Belovéd Children, this is a must.
You cannot reject the Christ with such vanity and pride 
without becoming the stranger who knocks on the Master’s door.

The Master, your kind and generous with Mercy, your Merciful Lord God, 
does not open the door to infidels or strangers or un-Love.

My Love is for you.
Grasp it, My Children.
Turn away from the darknesses in this World 
and lay claim to the Savior and Redeemer who saves 
and gives to you new Life with His Very Divinity and Divine Blood.

Children, do not scorn My Son.
My Heart breaks open when My Belovéd Children be or act or feel smugly about Him.

He is My Son.
He is your Holy and Righteous path to Me and My Kingdom of Love.

To turn Him away is to turn Me away.

When you extinguish a candle, 
there is no light to give you sight, 
just as when there is no prayer, 
the Light within you no longer dazzles with Life.

Choose the Light that is My Son, 
for His IMMENSE Love for you is (gentle), bewildering, merciful 
and as gentle as the eyes of a doe.

Love Him.
Do not turn Him away.

Do not find displeasure in His Guidance to you.
Your Lord God is correct and My Will for you good.

Trust in the Lord God, the Father 
and the Christ 
and the Spirit that recedes from those who do not pray.

Trust in the One True God.
I AM and shall be always the very TOTAL of all that is ALL.  

Belovéd Children, pray.
Your World sins violently 
and the body of the earth rumbles against you.

Have I not said to pray always and with constancy?

Belovéd Children, answer My Calls, 
and I am with you 
and answer your own piteous and beautiful cries to Me.

Allow Me to hold the serenity and delicateness 
and “flawed-ness” of your Hearts within My Loving Hands.
I do not injure the Children who I Love dearly.

I do not wound My Belovéd Children, 
for if I so chose,
annihilation would bring Man to his knees.

I Love each of you 
and long for your Heart’s trust.
I bring “goodness-es” for My Children 
and distribute My Blessings to the prayerful.

Be constant and devout in your prayers to Me, 
for I Love your prayers 
and seek to share My Greatest (Love) with your Belovéd Hearts.

            Look away.  Look
            away from sin, My
            Children.  They bring or
            will bring your 
            devastation.  Look 
            away from all things
            black and coarse.
            When you place 
            your eyes in
            darkness, you
            will not see that which
            comes before you.  With
            Light, and only Light,
            shall you see that 
            which comes for you and
            waits for you.

             Oh, Children of Israel,
            you have lost your
            fight and I am
            mistaken in your
            Love.  Children, I
            Weep.  Your 
            Lord God weeps, for
            your chastisement
            is a grave thing
            and the pain of
            it dissolved only
            by great prayers.

Belovéd Children, you are Mine and I Love you.
Look to Me, your Lord God for Loving favor and rejoice.

Belovéd Children, be prayerful in all things.
I shall be at the forefront of your Life 
and thus shall you live a Life of Holiness that pleases Me.

Belovéd Children, I give you peace.
Do not grow restless but pray.
Know that My Hand is upon you 
and My Love is ineffable.

Trust in Me, Little Children.
Trust in Me, and you shall know Great Life.

Pray, My Belovéds and cast your lots with Me, your Lord God and Father.
Do not err and place the dissidents of this World above Me and your Love for Me.

Children, My Love for you is Great.
Trust in My Love 
and I guide you rightly through all darknesses.

I am your Lord God and I seek to give you Mercy (My Mercy) 
and place peace into your struggling Hearts.
Trust in Me and know My Peace.

Peace, My Belovéds.
Pray and be at or in peace.