Call My Name

By Linda Noskewicz

October 14, 2015


Wednesday, October 14, 2015 3:14 – 3:51
Belovéd Child, I am with you always.  I am never silent but always showing you My Way.  If you would only listen with bent ear and an attentive Heart, you would know confidently or with solid belief, that you are chosen to spread My Words of Love.  Thus, I say, do not abandon Me for this World.  I am the Lord God and see your every struggle.  Do not struggle with the ropes that bind your hands.  With one cut, I release you from those things that bind you.  Be with Me Belovéd Child and hear My constant calls.
You cannot have Life without Me, for I am your Saving Grace.  Your lives have been paid for by the Loving Sacrifice of My Son, the Belovéd Christ, and you should acknowledge this always.  Reap the rewards of your prayers, Children.  I hear your every one and bless you with My Loving Peace.  Oh Children, I do not abandon the ones who Love Me with all of their Hearts.  
Know this to be true.  A Time comes when you shall know the Glory of God the Son and you shall be paralyzed in delight and wonder.  Darkness shall be cast out that light shall own (cover) the skies across or within the whole or entire World.  Thus shall My opposers and detractors fall to their knees with Love and gladness because I am a merciful God and seek to keep every one of My Children.  You shall know My Glory, but your eyes must be open and your Hearts filled with anticipation and Love.  I cannot touch the blackened Heart lest it call out to Me or by prayer.  [God isn't intrusive but listens to the prayers we pray for others.]
Believe with all of your Hearts the Love of My Belovéd Son, oh Children.  He has given you His Heart so entirely that you will enjoy the everlasting in joy and great Holiness.  You cannot fathom His Gentle Love.  I ask you, My Children, respect and revere and adore the Lord Christ, My Belovéd Son.  I adore those who Love My Son.  I abhor those who spit upon His Holy name and ridicule His Love.  Do not deny the Love of the Christ, Dear Children.  Do not place your Souls in detrimental darkness.
Belovéd Children, know that even my Great Love must cast aside that which has approved darkness and invited it/him into your homes.  Belovéd Children, the Sacrifice of My Belovéd Son is the rope you must grasp to remove or lift yourself from a hole.  He is the water you must drink that quenches your thirst and gives you life in your journey through the vast desert.  He is the gold you must use to pay the debtor who would have you flogged for your debts.  He is the key to Heaven and when you do not have the key, the door will be closed to you.
Belovéd Children, grasp this.  My Belovéd Christ Jesus is merciful, compassionate, and Loving.  His Heart stands between each of your Souls and condemnation.  How do you, My Children, dismiss Him so?  Is Eternal darkness and agonies so appealing to your darkened Hearts that you freely dismiss the Christ?
Oh World, oh Belovéd World, your betrayal is your downfall or death or Eternal death.  When I speak of Eternal Death, I do so not to make you fearful but to show the Glory and Light of My Love.  Why does the sheep call to its young but from Love.  When the wolf calls out to the young, it is to consume him and tear his prey to shreds.  Thus is the state of this World.  I am your Loving Shepherd and I call out to each of My Belovéd Flock, yet while many come to their guardian and protector, many stray and are attacked and consumed by wolves.
Belovéd Children, I say hear My Calls and do not be frivolous with your Time.  Even the best of you do not know orcannot anticipate the Glory of your Master and the Timing of His return.  Jesus, the Christ and Lord King, does come and judgment will be His.  Belovéd Children, know this to be true.  Look kindly upon the Christ and Love Him deeply, with all that “is you” and you shall know the depths of Love and the Glory of His Name.
Children, walk in the path of the Christ and know you are held with Great Love by the Father, for I am the Lord God and those who Love and worship My Son with great reverence and humble Hearts shall see the Kingdom of God.  Belovéd Children, now is the time to come to Me.  Do not reject My offers of Love.
This World is a dark place, and even that which is dark can and will grow blacker still.  The rocks of fire will rain upon peoples who have rejected My Love, and fires shall spread like waters amongst cities.  Farms shall dry up and animals shall die by the millions.  The earth shall crack and roll over upon itself.  Great swaths of land shall tumble over and into the sea.  Wars shall abound and many, many will die.  Children shall wail and the unholy shall lay claim to what was once free or available to all.  The Glory and Blessing of the Eucharist shall become uncommon and My Children shall die of thirst for it.  Woe are the Children who must experience these things, for the boar follows the hare and that which does not destroy Mankind will open your eyes to see or understand the great difference between Love and darkness.  Between the Lord God of Heaven and the pitiful attempts at power by he who is all evil and deception.
Do not be afraid, My Belovéd Children, for I am ever with you.  All that you must do is call My Name and My Love and compassion and Mercy are yours.  Know this to be true.  Even the least of all can find gladness and new Life in My Love.  Even if you have studied of darkness and murdered your brothers and have denied Me your Love, say My Name and I hear you.  Say My Name and you shall have My Love.  Come to Me, Children.  It is an essential time.  Come to Me and be strengthened by prayer and by the Great Blessings [BIG] of the Eucharist.  Partake in the Eucharist and celebrate the Savior of this World entirely with your Hearts.  You have heard the Word of God, your Loving Father.  Pray My Children and know My Peace.