Pay Homage to the King of Mercy!

By Linda Noskewicz

September 16, 2015


Wednesday, September 16, 2015 3:21 – 3:56 pm

Father, I’m afraid I’m like a tin cup with a hole in the bottom.  No matter how You keep filling me, it all runs out and I get empty and useless again.  Father, I will never be holy enough…or even holy. And I’m sorry.  I know You Love me, but I can’t help but feel like such a failure to You and the work I thought You wanted me to do for You.  I mean, am I still employed or are You done with me??

Deep or great prayer brings delight to My Heart.  I am ever waiting for your words of Love for Me. Do not doubt My Gracious and ALL Love for you.  I am your Heavenly Father and I do not or will not abandon My Belovéd Children.

Glorify the Son with your Love and praise, My Children.  He is My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  His name rings out in the ears of the entire universe, as He is the King of Love and Mercy.  His Love is bewildering to you and if you knew only a little of what His or Our Love is for you, how greatly your Hearts would change.

Do not despair, Dear Children.  There is no room for despair when you live in the Light of the Lord.  I am your promised Love.  I am with you always.  I do not abandon My Belovéd Children.  Even when I am ignored or dismissed, I am with you.  My Heart longs for your Love and I never leave you even as you would leave Me, the Lord on High.
Belovéd Children, trust in My ALL-Encompassing BIG Love for you.  You are never lost when you grasp the Hand of Love.  Children of the deeper hour, how strong you will be.  Thus, by your prayer are you ever able to stand before the leviathan and be unafraid and untethered by his tricks and deceit.  You are made strong by your faithful prayers to your Lord God.  I am all at once beatific and Eternal.  You cannot have life without Me, just as you cannot face the leviathan without calling upon Me.  I am your protective Father and I Love My Children devoutly, constantly, BIGLY.

Belovéd Children, what comes will both delight you and make you fearful.  I am the Lord God and what sign need I give this World that sins against Me so readily and easily.  My Belovéd Children test their Belovéd and Heavenly Father, and yet in My grief over this, I do not turn away.  I send you and this World My Sign of Peace and Glory.  It shall rain down upon you like fire from the skies.  You shall be alarmed and awakened and you shall be unburned but for your Hearts. Your Hearts will burn for Me.  Your Hearts will burn for the Passion of the Christ.  Your Hearts will burn with Longing as My Heart burns for your Love.  

Thus shall you know and have the taste of My Eternal longing for each of you.  My Light shall wake this World up from its sins.  I shall reap the fields and gather all that is good and toss the weeds aside.

See My Light and the Love I share within it.  The Light is the Christ, the Loving Bearer of Mercy.  Do not discount His Love, for when you dismiss the Christ, you have dismissed your Eternal Father.  The consequences of your rejection are eternally astounding or confounding.  Little Children, you know not what you do, and the fire within the leviathan and his will is furious and true.  He has been cast aside by the Lord God because there is no Love but only fires.

Children, take heed of My Words and Love.  Love Me.  Love the Christ.  Love Him deeply.  Love all Brothers and all Sisters.  Thereby you are walking in the path of My Belovéd Son, the Christ.  Stay away or out of the darknesses of this World.  Surely the Leviathan grows gleeful or is happy to witness the downfall of My Belovéd Children.  I say, bind yourself to Me.  Bring Love to its full fruition by resting your Hearts within your Loving Father’s gentle Hands.  I wish to hold you and long for your Love.  Do not test the strength of your Hearts against that which is dark when your Heart is not given to Me, your Loving and Eternal Father.  I weep, because so Many of My Belovéd Children play folly with your souls.  I am grieved by the eternal danger you have placed your souls in, for it is real and destructive.

Walk away from darkness and hold tightly to the Love of the Christ.  Through My Son you are made Whole.  Through your enduring Love for the Christ, you make the Father joyous.  When you praise the Christ, how joyous I am. Remember this.  Love the Christ in all things.  See Him in all things.  Offer yourselves to Him in all things.  Know that the Kingdom of Heaven will welcome you to it with the same enduring Love with which you have Loved the Christ.

Do not hedge your attention of Me.  You are either for Me or you are not.  When you are for Me, such blessings you will find.  When you are against Me, how your life crumbles in despair, hopelessness and loss.  Belovéd Children, I say to you, take heed of My Words, for they are true and filled with My Love for you.

Wandering Children, return to your homes.  Embrace the Christ as His Love embraces you.  What will you know or feel when Mercy and Love are gone from you Eternally?  How the knowledge of your errors will scourge you again and again.  Thus I say, My Children, take Me seriously.  Love Me with all that you are.  Do not second guess your Lord God, but remain faithful and trusting in Me, the Glory of all that Is.  I am the One true God.  I have made you and will always be.  Belovéd Children, place all of your trust in Me.  Know Me and live within My Love.  Thus when the Lights are doused by night, you shall bear the Light of the Christ brightly within your homes.

Belovéd Children, pay homage to the King of Mercy, My Son, the Christ.  Think or behave or live with your eyes focused on that which is eternal and not on that which is temporal.  It is fleeting and useless to do otherwise.  Belovéd Children, pray.  Prayer is the mitigation of illness or death or disaster.  Prayer, My Children, brings you to My Heart, the very spring or fountain of Love.  Come to Me with Love and I embrace (you) with Love, Mercy, and joy 

Peace, My Belovéd Children.  My Peace is with you always.