By Linda Noskewicz

September 7, 2016

3:10 – 3:50 pm
“He that desires to retain the grace of God let him be thankful for grace when it is given, and patient when it is withdrawn: let him pray that it may return; let him be cautious and humble lest he lose it."  - From My Imitation of Christ
Great confirmation.  Thanks.  Lesson learned….  XO



Belovéd Children, I am with you always and long for your attention.  Belovéd Children, I long for your prayers, for they are like songs to My Heavenly ears.  Believe in Me, My Children.  Believe in My GREAT Love and capacity for forgiveness.  I am your doting Father and long to pour My Love upon this World.
This World is canny yet unprepared.  Call to Me and ready your Hearts with Love, Mercy, and prayer.  Do not judge your Brothers and Sisters who I Love so well, for I created each of you with Love and for Love.  How can any child accuseor judge another when I have made each of you and perfection and judgement are Mine.
Belovéd Children, come to Me with repentance in your Hearts and Love and humility in your Souls.  I long for each of My Belovéd Children to come to Me, to adore and Love deeply My Most Beatific and Belovéd Son, the Christ.  It is through His Purest Love that you are saved for Eternal Life.  But each of you must call out to your Lord God.  Come to Me for My Great Mercy, and I will make you whole.  Come to Me for Mercy, and I shall cleanse your Souls.  Come to Me for My GREATEST Love and you shall bear the justice and joy of Eternal Life.
Belovéd Children, you are so small and fragile in My Eyes [This is said with such LOVE!  We are so totally cherished by Him!]  You do not see because you are blind in your fragility.  You do not hear because you are so small.  You do not understand or long for Me because you do not pray.  Those who pray to Me every day or perpetually or constantly are the salve that brings joy to My Heart, that soothes the pain from missing My Belovéd Children.
Your prayers I hear and answer and I give you good gifts and healthy or helpful or just guidance.  Open your Hearts to Me, Belovéd Children.  Do not wait to prepare for the storm.  Do not stand idle and trust this World and its words.  For I am the Lord God and I seek your Hearts as I long for you to seek Mine.  My Love for you is endless.  My Mercy is your bounty.  Come for the treasure of My Love and forgiveness.
Belovéd Children, such numbers of Belovéd Souls are lost to Me daily.  Those who reject the Christ, My Most Belovéd Son, reject the Eternal Father and cannot enjoy or enter into the gift My Son has given each of you of Eternal Life with Love.  Belovéd Children, I am just and I am Merciful.  I look kindly upon the humble and with great relief and joy do I forgive and Love the Children who grant Me their full Hearts and attention.  I long for your Love and affection.  I am an affectionate father and take great joy in giving My Belovéd Children good gifts.  
My Belovéd Children, know that there is a time to be given gifts and a time to work.  You must do the correct work for your Souls and walk on the path the Beauteous Christ Jesus has made for you.  I am not a burden but (I) lighten the weight of your worries or concerns.  Give Me your Hearts and you shall know My Glory is a gift upon you and I shall kiss your brow and give you strength in times of trauma or devastation.  Belovéd Children, you cannot expect compensation when you have not worked.  You cannot expect joy if you do not Love.  You must work and live the life that pleases your Holy and Loving Father.  This is not a burden but an aid or support or (that which helps) to make everything manageable.
My Love shows you the beauty and essentialness of your prayers and Love for Me.  My Love for you is unending.  I Love each of you without condition.  I do not hold back My Love for you.  I do not expect or demand perfection of you.  I long for you.  For your Love.  For your warmth and companionship [He is affectionate].  Belovéd Children, I am not an intrusive God.  Your Love for Me I cherish and desire but I will not or cannot demand My Belovéd Children.  Thus, you must each find your way to Me with guidance of the Christ Jesus who is My Most Belovéd Son who Loves you.
We are One in Our Love for you and thus, when you depart from the Father, you are away from the Son.  When you dismiss the Son, so you dismiss the Father and I will not know you.  Thus I say, do not make your Loving Father and Holy Lord a stranger to your lives.  Come to Me and know GREATEST Love and the peace of My Forgiveness.  My Mercy is boundless and My Heart is always BIGLY open to you, My Belovéd Children.
Pray, My Children and bring Mercy to bear when your Hearts are struck by this World.  Forgive and Love and turn to Me, as I will show you Love and Forgiveness.  I am the Lord God, and all that I do and all that I give is good.  Trust in Me, for I am the Lord God.  The Christ Jesus, My Belovéd Son, dotes on you and how His Love is so great, at the price of His Life, He purchased or opened the door to each of you for Everlasting Life amongst Us.
Belovéd Children, there are consequences for sin.  Know this to be true.  The Kingdom of Heaven is My Perfection and I long for you, each of you, to know its AMAZINGNESS, BEAUTY or to be Spiritually awed by it.  [Like a child is in awe of an amusement park!]  I want you with Me, for you are for Me as I am for you.  In its perfection, there is no place for the imperfect, and sin is the ultimate imperfection.  Thus, I say, come to Me with Love and repentance, and the gates of Heaven shall be open to you.  The Father and Son and Spirit and those who are Beatific will welcome each of you most joyously.
Know, My Children, what I accept and what I do not accept.  Know or believe to your core that I Love you.  Trust in Me.  Be faithful and attentive to your God who Loves you so entirely.  Grasp or go with passion and desperate need to the Christ and benefit daily from the Great Blessings of the Most Holy of Holies.  My Children must partake in this gift for it is inimitable and essential for your Souls.  Take advantage of the bounty before you, for one day the thief shall take your homes and treasures and access to its blessings will all but disappear. [That is, access to the Church and the Holy Eucharist.]  Take or partake of the Most Holy Eucharist, My Children.  It is the Great Blessing and cleanses and brings blessings, great blessings to you.
Love, My Children.  Love Me and Love others, especially those who wrong you.  It is an easy thing to enjoy the sweet berries, as they are ripe and sweet.  It is a difficult thing to plant the trees, till the land, and wait to harvest.  Thus, I am endeared to those who Love their enemies.  Love those who hurt you.  Place the Love and Mercy of My Heart into your own through prayer and Love.  My Love and forgiveness are an example for what your lives can be, and that is, peaceful and righteous.  Strive to forgive and Love.
You honor the Christ, My Belovéd Son, when you demonstrate the fullness of your Heart by Loving deeply those He deeply Loves and forgiving freely those He will forgive.  Work now, as difficult as work is when others are at play.  Work towards that which is just and right, and your rewards will be far richer than the most resplendent joys you seek on earth.  Pray, Love, forgive.  Give your Hearts to Me.  Follow My Belovéd Son.  Thus shall you know peace and the Glories in Heaven.