Do you see and know

By Linda Noskewicz

October 17, 2017

I’ve had so many thoughts this morning – one that we are like oysters.  Or life is like an oyster.  We generally see the yucky outside shell, and that’s how we mostly live, blind to the tasty mush and the pearls You offer.  Next, I prayed and saw You, Jesus, dying for me and me alone.  I wanted to fight against Your torture and death, but I was forced to watch.  I stole a loaf of bread and You took the blame and punishment.  Just for me and my loaf of bread.  Even if it was just an insulting word I spoke, You would carry my punishment.  I don’t understand the size of Your love.  All I know is that You are my Hero and I’m sorry You had to do this at all.  I know there are bigger things afoot, but this is just me.
            Belovéd Children, be dogged in your Love and worship of Me.  Do not let the idle ways and constant obstacles of this World deter you from Loving Me.  I am your Lord God and Father, and your perseverance pleases Me so.  Do not allow the (obstacles) set before you deter you, My Children.  Know that your Love is a salve upon My Broken Heart.
Belovéd Children, do not be afraid.  When you make yourself My Loving Servant and trust in Me fully or completely, why should you fear?  There is nothing in this World I do not control, if I choose.  I am the Almighty God and I have created all things.
            Belovéd Children, while I am constantly calling My Children, remember that I am not an intrusive Father.  I do not force Myself upon you but call with Great Love, each of My Children.  I do not force you to Love Me, but I long for you and hope with great Love that My Children will hear and answer My Constant Calls.
            Trust in Me, My Children, for I am your Loving Father, and all that I do is good and Loving.  Children, in My HUGELove for each of you, My Son was sent to be your Loving Redeemer.  By His Holy and Beatific Sacrifice, He opened the doors to Mercy and compassion.  It is a gift you do not realize in its depth and calibre of graces.
            Children, come to Me for the forgiveness of your sins.  Do not maintain the sorrowful burdens you carry, because you are afraid of rejection and anger.  I turn no Child away, and when you come to Me with sorrow and repentance in your Hearts, how can I not be moved to forgiveness?  You are My very Hearts, and each of you is so very special.  You are My Belovéd Treasures and you are meant to grace the Kingdom of Heaven by your presence.  That is always My Plan for you, My Children.  Thus, all that you do today takes you to My Beauteous Kingdom or draws you away from My Love and into perdition.  Children, this choice is very much yours.
            I Long to see the World become devoted to Me, the One True God.  I give My Belovéd Children freedom to Love Me as the One True God or to reject My Love and distance yourselves from My Love.  Know first that My Kingdom is for the righteous and those Lovingly attentive to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, who is your GREAT Loving Redeemer.  Those who worship and adore My Belovéd Son please Me so well and the Christ Jesus is elated by your ruminations orattention and Love.  You cannot know the depths of His joy when a Child expresses Love to Him.
            Belovéd Children, it is through Him that you come to Me.  He is One with the Father and the Father is One with the Son and We send the Holy Spirit as a defender and friend to Our Belovéd Children.  By the Love of the Spirit, by Our Complete Love, you are granted great graces seen as miracles, mitigations, gifts of faith, and conversions to Love.  Do not doubt the power of the Spirit.  When you are blessed by the Spirit, your Hearts become more aware or cognizant of Love and Eternal Life.
           Father, I need help.  I don’t want to be an alarmist.  I also don’t and won’t doubt You.  You told me to trust and be cheerful – a joyful rock.  I don’t feel like a rock, but more of a pebble being flung into space.
            I am an honest Father and do not place My Belovéd Children in danger by My Hands.  I loathe to see any one of My Children hurt or in pain.  Again, I say to you, My Love is that of a perfect Parent.  I do not destroy that which I Love so fully.  I correct My Children to keep you from great harm.  A child is kept from danger and all that might bring the child pain and detriment.  A parent wishes or hopes that their child shall grow into a good and wise adult.  You correct your Children when they stray from the path that will build them thus.
            I am a perfect Father and how much BIGGER is My Love for you?  How much Larger is My desire to keep you safe and away from harm?  How much more effort will I put into guiding you rightly and correcting you when you stray?  My Love for you is pure and complete.  You must come to Me freely with Love to give and for forgiveness to ask.  I am not a complex God.  I do not confuse My Children, nor do I bring anguish to those I Love.  I allow Man his choices, and when I see My Belovéd Children in danger of perdition as so many are, I shall act to keep you safe.
          Belovéd Children, you must come to your Lord God for Love and Mercy.  How can I insist more clearly thus?
Children, do not wait.  Your ignorance or lack of seriousness agonize(s) Me greatly.  I see My Children, so many of My Most Belovéd Children ignoring My Loving calls and dismissing My urgency as false or ridiculous or untrue.  Oh, Children, I do not claim to own your Hearts because you choose to Love.  It is your choice to partake in the enormous Love of the Christ or to ignore His Great Gift.
            Please, My Children, listen for My Calls of Love and urgency.  Do you know when the Time for judgement for you comes?  No.  Do you see what your Lord God sees and know what your Lord God knows?  My Will for you is good.  I long for all of My Belovéd Children to be with Me.  So many will not and it is the road that is best not followed.  Children, the agonies and pain of hell are so terrible.  Must this World taste it once to believe and understand?
            Children, know the Light of my Love comes and will show you what it is to Love and what it is to damage your Souls with sin.  I shall open your eyes to justice and righteousness and to perdition and sin.  You will hear the words of Love that give you solace and you will hear the curses rained down upon Mankind by the prince of all evils.  Thus shall you have clarity in your choice.
            Belovéd Children, you are and will be tested.  Do not doubt this to be true.  You will be tested amongst your family and friends and strangers alike.  Your faith in Me shall be a source of great ridicule for others.  You shall be tested in your doggedness, in your persistent Love and trust in Me by the onslaught of many, many more great disasters.  It will feel to many like a punishment and many will grow angry and neglectful.  Others will explain away the tidal waves of this earth that is also appalled by your sins.  Do not lose your faith or belief or trust in Me.  It is a test.  One after another.  Pray, My Children, and fortify your Souls for this correction.  Partake ALWAYS of the Eucharist.  So soon it will be gone.  You need not know when, but it comes so very soon.
            You ask, if we are to prepare so greatly, why must we not know the Time?
            Belovéd Children, in your human frailty, can you say with total confidence that you would maintain the consistency and strength of your prayers if you knew I would wait until you had or have left this life?  Were you to know it shall happen tomorrow, how much more urgent would your devotions be?  I wish for your consistent, perpetual, and attentive Love and prayers.  I do not want to be a condition through which you will pay homage.  I want your honest devotion and free Love.  By your unending faith, I give you such sweet blessings.
          ****. . . Praise Me constantly and rely on the Merciful and Loving Heart of My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus who I adore.  Children, pray and take into your Hearts daily, the Most Holy Eucharist.  You are always within My Arms, My Children.  Pray, do not doubt My Love, and trust in Me.  Belovéd Children, I leave you Mu unending Peace and again urge you to pray heartily and garner the blessings of the Body of the Christ.  Peace, My Children.