Soon You Will Be Tested

By Linda Noskewicz

September 7, 2017

Belovéd Children, when you come to Me in prayer and with Love in your Heart, My Own Heart swells with joy, and My Own Love, its Holiness and its Blessings of Mercy and Love rain down upon you.  I soak you in the water of Life and look at each of My Belovéd Children so fondly.

Do you not see the Love I have for you is like a Father’s for His sons?  You are My Belovéd Treasures and I desire that all of My Belovéd Children come to Me with hope, great faith, and with repentance in your Hearts.  Thus, I shall embrace you most willingly and most Lovingly.  (BIG LOVE).  Your return to Me and My Love and Mercy makes the whole of Heaven celebrate with glorious joy and My Belovéd Angels sing praises for My Belovéd Creation.  I have made each of you and I placed My Light of Love in each of you.  You are of Me, and I Love what I have created.

Belovéd Children, you are most precious to Me, your Lord God and Father.  Understand this in the very depths of your Hearts.  My Love for you inclines Me to protect you, to give joy and blessings to you, and to bring you solace when you weep.

Belovéd Children, do not be a cause for consternation for Me.  I long for each of you to open your Hearts to Me.  Belovéd Children, I am concerned or I address what troubles Me so terribly that I am forced to act.  Do not believe that your Loving and Merciful Lord desires your demise.  I do not destroy those creations I Love.  You are Mine and thus meant to be joyous in your Eternal Life.  Yet, so many of My Belovéd Children will not turn away from the Heartless sins they commit against Me, your Most Holy Lord God and My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.

My Heart shudders at your disdain for My Belovéd Son.  Children, He has saved you by His Own death.  He has provided you a key to the door of Life itself.  Eternal Life with the whole of Heaven and its Blesséd Ones.

Children, I do not abide by sin.  You cannot sin against your Loving Father without recompense.  Even as I am Merciful and Loving and have absolute affection (BIG JOY) for My Belovéd Children, I am also a just Lord and Father.  I do not abide by sin, and I have often knocked on the doors of the sinful and have often been denied entry to their Hearts.  What must I do to garner the attention of My Belovéd Children?

My Belovéd Son gave His Life that you may live and you have forgotten the Holiness and Spiritual significance of this Sacrifice.  You have detached all understanding from the Holy, Beatific, BIG presence or endowment or (TOO AWESOME for description) Eucharist, so your Hearts no longer feel the Blessings, the multitude of Blessings He gives by His Body and Blood consumed.  You no longer attach relevance or reverence to the Eucharist.  Children, it is the Most Holy of Holies!  In what other way can you be in full or absolute Communion with the Christ Jesus whose very Life must be celebrated, and whose feet should be kissed, and whose (AWESOMENESS) outstrips any you can possibly know or experience?  [The descriptions above fall too short of the significance and “bigness” of the Eucharist.  There are simply no words to adequately describe a fraction of this.]

Oh, Children, My Belovéd Son weeps.  I sigh with dismay and sadness.  Do you not see?  Your Love is My Greatest Longing.  You are My Precious Children, and I cannot help but Love each of you like a great treasure set before Me.
Belovéd Children, as a Loving and compassionate Father, I am patient with My Children and watch and wait to witness how you grow.  And like a tree that is healthy, some of My Belovéd Children give good fruit.  There are also rotted trees who bear or give nothing but spoiled fruit or nothing at all.  So too are My Children who deny My Son and ridicule His Sacrifice so readily.

What does a good Father do when His Belovéd Child rebels to be a heathen or rotten?  Shall the Father close His eyes to His Belovéd Child’s errors?  Shall the Father withhold punishment thinking with Time, the child shall mature and grow wise and thankful of his lot?  I am a patient and Loving Father.  I have watched My Belovéd Children with Great Love and hope.  I wait for the reciprocation of My Love.  I long for the joyous affection of My Children.  I see to your health and comfort and shelter you as a parent should.

Yet, you disobey Me and turn your faces away from Love.  You blaspheme against Me and place yourself side-by-side with sin.  Do not believe that your Loving Father does not see into your Hearts.  I know when you give out of charity and when you do so for show or pride and status.  I see when you forgive and when you continue to hold a grudge.  I see when you have pretended to Love your Brothers and sisters.  I am all-knowing and see the measure of your thoughts and Hearts.  I know your motivations and see when your Heart is open to the Spirit of Love.  I see also the contents and blackness and motivations for your sins.  The Hearts of so many of My Belovéd Children have turned black.  Despite the considerable pleas of the Queen of Heaven and the prayers of those with sound Hearts, this World increases its sins.
Children, what shall I do when the bath is filled with mud and filth but drain it and fill it with new and clean water.  When the oil in a lamp grows low, what does one do but clean out the remaining or old oil and fill it with the new.  Children, sin has its repercussions and consequences.  There is not one action that you do that does not affect Me.
Belovéd Children, My Heart is heavy and My patience short or gone.  How much more Time should a parent wait for His Son to change his habits?  If the Son wastes his money as a youth, and he wastes his money as a man, there is no change.  His actions are set and his habit unbroken.  My Heart is sickened by the sins of this World.  The nature orcalibre of sins wrenches my Heart and Heaven stands astounded.

Children, consequences for sin are inevitable.  Whether they come today, tomorrow, or when you are on your death bed.  Pray, Children, that this sinning World works to eradicate evil and warped or gross or blackness so that I may have Mercy on the heads of Man.  That no one hears My Pleas is a sign into itself.  I do not wait for My Children to destroy themselves by sin, but show each of you the dark nature of sin and how it eats or tears at your fragile Souls in (its) hope to tear each of you into pieces to be consumed by the Leviathan who waits eagerly below your feet.

Children of the Light, hide your Hearts from Death and place Me in their center.  Place My Love and Mercy into your Hearts and open your senses or Hearts to the Holy guidance of the Spirit I send to you.  Children, there are serpents in your midst now, and they are working desperately to steal you away from Me.  Discernment shows you truth.  Prayer gives you discernment.  Pray, Children, for soon each of you will face all that is black and all that is white, but the black will be cloaked in white and the white in black.  You shall be blind and deaf in your approaches or choosing if you are a stranger to Me.  If you are a stranger to faithful prayer.  Faithful and constance in your prayer uncovers your eyes and allows you to hear the truth and you will distinguish it from the untruths and lies spreading throughout the World.  Take heed, My Children, and ground yourselves in your Love for Me and in your trust for Me.

Children, soon you will be tested and there are those who will demand you deny your Lord God.  Those who disdain the Christ Jesus will seek to erase His Name from the World, but will not accomplish this, because My Belovéd Children pray.  Still, My Children shall face concupiscence and fire purifies that which is unclean.

Belovéd Children, when your eyes are unblinded, shall you withstand the knowledge or the nature or position or form of sin?  To see its detriments is a frightening and sad thing.  Brace your Hearts with prayer and you will not be harmed by the shock you feel but you will be horrified by what you envisage.  

Oh, Belovéd Children, I do not let the fire or fire-rocks fall from the skies to torture you.  I do not allow fire to spread through your cities to frighten you.  I do not send diseases or starvation or adversity to My Children so that you hate Me.  So many of My Belovéd Children do already, and even as My Heart shatters for this, still, I do not strike you down in repayment for your dismissal of My Love.

These things must happen in order for each of you to understand the purity of the sinless innocent.  In order that you learn the full detriments of sin and grasp the fragility and importance or extreme importance of your Souls.  I do not destroy mountains or send rain or send fires to destroy the World I gave to Man.  In My Great Love for you, I seek to show you obedience in the way of Love.  Just as a good and wise Father does not want His Son to grow into a heathen, a thief, carouser, murderer, so does your Lord God not wish to lose My Belovéd Children to the pit of horror that surely waits for so many Souls now or today or in these Times.

All that comes purifies.  All that comes is meant to set My Children on the path of righteousness and holiness.  The difficulties that come are meant to test your faith in Me, to lead others to Me, and to strike down those who speak against the Christ Jesus.

Those who choose to revel in darkness will be crushed beneath the glory and righteousness and Heavenly BIG greatness of the Most High, Jesus the Christ who has saved through sacrifice from Love.  Each snake and serpent, every viper and dragon shall be set upon by the Angels of My Dominion and by the Powerful and Holy hand of the Christ shall fall to the unearthly world below never to see humanity or the Face of God again.  [You can’t imagine what this looks like….]

Belovéd Children, the eyes of the dragon wink with fire and 12 nations sharpen their swords.  Some shall come slowly, others rapidly.  A great war begins and the whole earth shall suffer by it.  The red wolf reveals himself and so many of My Belovéd and prayerful Children shall see him through eyes opened by the Holy Spirit.  This large and towering red wolf shall seize every opportunity to tear down My Church and will do all that he can to destroy those who Love My Most Cherished and Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus.  Do not let the teeth of this wolf make you afraid, but cast your eyes to Heaven and pray.  I hear your prayers and will give you strength, courage, and solace.

Soon the one in white will relinquish his chair to the wolf in red and how this shall change the World.  My Servants will serve silently, secretly.  My handmaids will sigh and abandon Me but for those who are most Holy.  My Name shall be uttered with open and celebrated hatred and sins will be committed purposely by many to wound the Precious Heart of the Christ.  The earth shall spit upon these hellions, yet their sinfulness grows.

Children, I say to you, do not deny your Love for Me and you are insured a seat at My Table.
Belovéd Servants, look swiftly.  Know the prayerfulness of your Brothers and Sisters and lead them rightly to Me.  Know and share your knowledge of what your Lord God accepts and does not accept.  Speak plainly, clearly, that there will be no misunderstanding.  The choice presented to My Belovéd Children will be clearer than water and easily discernable like the sun.

Do not wait, Children, to build upon your prayers, to become prayerful, and to take full advantage of the Presence of Christ.  Soon, the Host of Life shall fall away until it is only found in pockets and corners.  These things will happen and yet My Belovéd Son’s Light will not be doused.  His Love and Mercy cannot be destroyed.

Know this to be true.  If you are strong in your Love and trust for the Christ Jesus, surely you will endure the calamitiesor calamity that comes with grace and the patient endurance granted to you by Me.  Thus, Children, pray.  Pray and know within your Hearts that I am always amongst you.  [I saw, not a single person, but a community; groups of people together.]  Give Glory to My Son and the Mantle of the Queen of Peace shall cover you with Love and protection.
Do not falter in your faith.  Especially, My Belovéd Servants.  Endure the struggles and pain and difficulties of your time here and believe that you shall know nothing but joy, BIG joy in the House of the Master you served so well.  But pray for My Servants who betray Me by carelessness, sin, corruption, and lukewarm faith.  Pray, for how can My Servants lead My Children if there is no Spirit or their Hearts are closed to the Love and discernment of the Spirit?

Children, know that the Time for preparation ends.  Your homes are shuttered and locked.  Your families are safely ensconced inside.  Your Hearts are ready to face the storm that comes.  Your prayer prepares you and so, do not be afraid.  Even in the sternness of My Words, do not be afraid.  If you are tested, pray.  I give you courage.  If you face the angry, pray and you are filled with Love and discernment.  When you are faced with knowing that which is white and that which is black, pray and the Hand of God shall point you to righteousness.

Thus, I say, Dearest Children, pray.  Pray the rosary often, for it is the strongest prayer in your arsenal of prayers.  Know with all of your Hearts that My Love and Mercy are given to you unconditionally and that with even one small whisper by a distraught Child (it) is heard and answered Lovingly by Me.  Pray, My Belovéds and be at peace.