Do not compromise with sin

By Linda Noskewicz

April 25, 2018

Belovéd Children, know that I do not abandon you. For I Love you and you are My Delight. Belovéd Children, clear your Hearts of your fears and miseries. These things are not of Me, and I do not bring confusion or fear to My Belovéd Children. You are meant for Love, as you were made from Love for Love and by Love. Thus, do not be dismayed and learn always to trust in the Lord God and Father who makes you whole.
Belovéd Children, seek out the Holy Love and Sacrifice of My Belovéd Son. The Christ Jesus is My Most Belovéd Son and His Heart is focused fully on you. His Love for you must be freely reciprocated, and when even one Soul turns to Him with Love and for His Beauteous and most generous Mercy, the joy resounds in Heaven.
Belovéd Children, I am Love and My Love for you is thus unlimited and a source for Eternal Life. I wait for each of you to recognize Me and declare your Love for your Lord God and Father. Belovéd Children, in My GREAT Love for you, I also weep.  I weep to see the pain you cause one another. I weep to see the hatred. I weep to see the deaths of so many when My Children should embrace Life with Love. The calibre of your sins brings Me pain and My Blesséd Heart cries out for you. Know that you are precious to Me. Know that My Greatest Desire is to have your Love, that I might give to you Life Eternal.
Sad and lonely Children, I touch you with a gentle caress and invite you to take solace in My Love for you. My Love is not temporary. I do not pull away from you for your sins. Instead, I pull closer to you that you will bask in the safety and wonder of My Love.
Children, I can and will forgive all sin. Believe this to be true. I treasure each of you. Your Souls are Precious to Me.  My Children, hear My Pleas and return to the Hand of Love who is your Holy Father and Most Almighty God.  I am a God of Mercy and it spills forth from My Great Love for you. 
Know this, My Children. Believe in My Love and that it is yours. Let Me tether you to My HeartCome to Me as a child comes to His Parent for Love and sustenance. I shall sustain you, My Children. You must only call out to Me. When you call to Me, I come to you immediately, and not from a distance, but (from) where you are. I have never left you, nor will I ever leave a Belovéd Child of Mine.
Bewildered Childrenit is true. You are My Delight and you cannot lose My Love. I do not Love you as this world Loves. Mine is not temporary. It is open and willing and so very anxious for your constant attention. Believe that you alone are precious to Me.  Had you been born yesterday or tomorrow, still, My BIG Love for you exists. I am always. I have been and will be and therefore always. Therefore, My Love does not cease but only grows.
Belovéd Children, listen to your Loving and Heavenly Father. You must stop sinning. Do you not see the devastation raught by your sins?  The whole of Heaven wonders at the sinfulness.  You are not made to sin, just as you are not made to embrace darkness. You are born Children of My Love and Light.  Darkness cannot exist where there is light. Thus, let My Light consume your Hearts that darkness is chased away.
Belovéd Children, I cannot describe to you the pain I feel at having to warn My Belovéds away from this rancid path of sin. How does one clean the body but by immersing it in water. How is something made clean like a needle for surgery but by the cleansing heat of fire. 
Oh, Belovéd Children, I am your Lord God and I am your Father.  How much would I be worth if I were to permit the death of all My Children when I could prevent it? A good and Loving Father will take any action, will pass through any pain and suffering, to ensure the health and happiness of His Children.  Belovéd Children, know with all your Hearts that I am your Great and Loving Father and My Will for you is always good, as it is based solely on My Love for you.  Regardless of the lives you live and the joys you experience or the obstacles you face, each has its reason whether it is to increase your faith in Me, draw you to Me, or draw others to Me.
Trust in My Love for you and do not grow angry when your faith is tested.  Belovéd Children, which of you is strong enough to withstand what comes? You are unchallenged today and therefore unable to withstand much difficulty. How will you fare when true angst and obstacles come before you?
Children, increase your prayers to Me. Reap the rewards of partaking of the Christ Jesus. The Communion of Christ provides you with spiritual strength and healing; were you to see the Glory of His Love and Blessings, you would be struck blind by its light.
Belovéd Children, do not wonder about My Will.  Trust in Me and I will provide for you.  Children, strengthen your faith. Strengthen it by constant prayer.  Your prayers are songs to Me, and My Heart softens with each one.
Belovéd Children, do not compromise with sin, nor with those who would have you sin. Follow the path of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus set for you. How can you go wrong when you earnestly follow His Heavenly path for you.  Children, do not be so stubborn in obeying My Requests. I make them out of Love and for your good. Trust in Me. The key to your journey is a Great Love for Me, your Lord God and Holy Father.
Soon the Spirit will descend on many of My Children and you will be rendered strong. You will be My Army on earth as My Angels are spiritual soldiers in the Heavens.
Know that this World sins dreadfully. You are living in Times that sinfulness has made the world a dark one. After many years of Light, now the balance for want of Light has shifted to a desire for death.  Children, this is why you must pray. Pray the Rosary and My Belovéd Mother will guide you and cover you with the Mantle of her Love. Kneel before the Christ and know for every Rosary, you save many.  Belovéd Children, thus I say, pray. Pray, My Children, pray.