The Christ Jesus is your Holy Redemption

By Linda Noskewicz

January 9, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Adoration 3:44 – 4:19 (35m)
Belovéd Children, you are succumbing to sin so readily or easily.  I look at My Belovéd Children and I am dismayed by your lack of Love for Me, your Lord God Almighty and for your Sisters and Brothers whose Hearts you should Love and protect as your own.  Children, your sins are so detrimental and My Heart is shattered when even one of you turns away from Me.  Belovéd Children, call to Me.  Say My Name with Love and fidelity.  Love and forgive those who you would remain angry with.  Do not let the poison of unforgiveness fester within your Hearts.

Children, there are abhorrent sins today that have turned this World into a World of death.  There are sins today that surpass those that were seen or committed in Gomorrah.  Children the murder of My Belovéd Little Flowers pierces My Heart.  Children, pray and work to end the sea of Children who are so coldly killed and so many daily.  Children, know there are especial punishments for those who are committing this evil sin.  My Belovéd Flowers are innocence and the doors to My Kingdom are perpetually open to them for their purity.  And those who have taken from them the very Life I gave to them shall be cast down and suffer as these Children did suffer.  Belovéd Children, I forgive.  My compassion is expansive BIG and I long for every one of My Belovéd Children to come to Me for My Unconditional Love and Mercy.  I can clean the dirt or horrors or wounds of your Hearts.  Believe in My Love and My Constant Willingness to forgive.  I am your Loving Father and I turn no Child away.

Children in My Light, gather others to Me.  Preach the Glory of My  Name.  Lead My Children to Me that they will know the joy and comfort of My Love and Forgiveness.  For now is a time of Mercy and Forgiveness and I have set no bounds upon this Time. [He sets no limits on forgiveness right now.]  Belovéd Children, I say to you, take advantage of that which you have.  Embrace this gift of Mercy that is Lovingly given to All Man that your Hearts shall be cleansed.  Speak of the Beatific and Majestic Christ Jesus.  Speak of His BIG LOVING Sacrifice for Mankind.  Let My Children understand that My Most Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, is your Holy Redemption.  Praise His Name and lead others to praise and Love Him, for it is through My Son that you come to Me, and all that you give to My Son, you give to Me, and all that pains My Son pains Me.  He and I are One with the Spirit and Our Love for you is complete and perpetual.

Children, bring others to Me.  Do not divert your attentions to lesser things.  Your prayers must increase even now.  The wounds caused by the sins or sinning of Man are significant.  I do not sit idly by to watch My Belovéd Children march to the darkness of perdition but put My Hands upon the earth and strike it as one will to wake the living and the dead of Heart.  Yours has become a World of death, and I am the Lord God who is the Creator of All Life.  Do you not see how this is contrary to My Will for you?

My Time comes and Man shall hear and Man shall (see), and Man will know that the Kingdom of God comes.  Belovéd Children, do not pretend to know or discern when Judgment comes, for those mysteries are for Me alone.  Instead, look to your Hearts and examine your sins.  Come to Me and repent.  Thus, when I call to you, your Hearts will be ready and clear of the stains of sin.

Belovéd Children, open your eyes!  Every sin pierces Me and the sins are the same, repeated again and again with no effort or inclination to repent or seek forgiveness.  Has the face of this World become so arrogant that the Name of My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, is so easily profaned?  Belovéd Children, look deeply into your Hearts.  Know what sins you have committed.  Which of My Laws have you broken?  Then take advantage of the complete Mercy I offer to you.  Do not treat this gift lightly, for one day soon it shall no longer be there to have.  You are given an invaluable gift, My Children.  Speak to those who have denigrated Me and bring them to Love and Mercy.

Belovéd Children, your appetite for sin must be curbed.  Do you not believe that so many of My Children fall to hell for their lack of notice or Love of Me, the Lord God?  Children, do not wait, for that which opens eyes and that which makes Men hear is a painful lesson.  It is a cleansing by fire.  It is a BIG happening and who will guide My confused Children, but the prayerful.  [a big occurrence or phenomena]

Children, I say to you, for the safety or Mercy or good of this World, the murders, the death must stop.  I am the giver of Life.  Thus, only I can take it away.  The murder of My Belovéd Little Flowers must stop.  It is the curse of Mankind that will result in the most painful consequences.

Do not doubt, but pray.  Pray that My Sons are called to My Vocation.  I see the Hearts of My Belovéd Servants, and I say to you, increase your prayers for them, as prayers strengthen their Hearts and who shall lead My Children to Me but the strong who know fully what I accept and do not accept, and what I Love and do not Love and what is for Me and what is anti-God. [anti-Christ]

The sins in this World are urged on or encouraged by the one who has fallen and soon the battle fought by My Belovéd Angels will be noticed on this earth.  Belovéd Children, pray and believe in My Love and compassion for you.  I do not leave My Children but I am perpetually with you.  Open your Hearts to Me and know the peace and Glory of My Love.
Pray, Children.  You shall need strength – a stronger strength than what you have today, and this strength is your trust in Me.  Thus, I say pray.  Pray and know My Peace.  Do not wander, Children.  Do not wander from the Love and solace of your Lord God and Father.