Let your hearts be steady in the time of spiritual famine

By Linda Noskewicz

April 2, 2019

11:29 am – 12:05 pm (36)

Papa, please heal Cati. You can do anything, and I asked your Saints and Mother to intercede for her. So I trust that You have heard us. Thank You, Papa, for showing me Your beautiful glorious Love.

Who can know the Hearts of Man but your Lord God who has created Man, who Loves Man like no other. I am your just and prudent Father, and I give to My Belovéd Children good gifts. I do not give My Children gifts of poison or hurt. I am a Loving, doting Father. Hear Me when I call out to you, Children. Know My Holy and Eternal Voice, for I call out to you and many, but who can hear when the noise of this World fills their ears? Children, you are My Own Creations. You are My Belovéds. Thus, listen intently to the call of your Creator, your Most Holy and Eternal Father.

Children, do not weep in your fear, but take solace in My Love. All things that I do or allow are just. I bring Mankind to Me, first as a whisper and now as a roar.

Know My Voice, oh Children of Mine. Hold strong to your faith and Love of Me. Do not allow this World to sidetrack your intent Love of Me. Your attention of Me binds My Heart and fuses it to your own. Stay close to Me and pray every moment of every day. Your prayers are salves to the wounds of Christ’s Heart. How it aches for Mankind. My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, longs for your Love and languishes in loneliness. Bring your Hearts to Him. Embrace Him with Love and tenderness and bring your Savior solace in His grief for Mankind. He does not enjoy the wounds and pains endured by Man, especially in knowing Man need only call out to Me, the Father Almighty; your Eternal God and Most Loving Host.
Children, do not let the noise, the constant noise, of this World detain you from your worship of Me. Now is the Time to spend all your energies and efforts into dedicating your Life to Me. Oh, Children, how your numbers dwindle and the prayers of many die into merely a few.

Children, do not stray. Do not allow your Love for Me to become lackluster. Hold firm to your faith that when day turns to night, you shall have the Glorious Flame of Love light your way through the din. I give to you sight with which to know Me and what is Mine. I give you hearing so that you may never be deaf to My Loving Words and attention.  I give to you discernment so that you are not fooled by those who make false claims against Me, your Lord God. There are many, and there will be many still who will detract My Name and desecrate what is Holy. Hold fast, My Children. Let your Hearts be steady in this time of Spiritual famine. I do not let the faithful starve, but nourish you with the surety of My Love and Guidance.

Children, now is the Time to proclaim the great graces of My Mercy. Lay claim to My Mercy for yourself, and lead the World to Me. Children, so many are choosing the darkness of hell by their sinful and unapologetic lives or living. Do not compromise with sin. Each sin committed damages your Soul and takes you further from Me. When you refrain from sin, you come closer to your Loving God.
Oh, Children, let your Love be steadfast. Do not let your eyes close or become blind simply because you are given something colorful and interesting to view [a distraction or worldly noise]. Know what is Mine and what is not of Me. Any thing that moves your attention away from your Lord God is not of Me but of this World. All that is of Me and is of My Will shines brightly through your Hearts with Love. You cannot mistake My Glory when you have given to Me your Heart.
Children, the days dwindle, just as the number of My faithful Children dwindles. Belovéds, so few trust in My Love and fewer still come to Me for My Loving Mercy. They do not believe the dangers they have placed theirs Souls within. How can a child roam into a forest by itself without being attacked by wolves? They become like lambs to the slaughter. Thus, I say to you, My Most prayerful Children, speak My Name loudly and proclaim your Love of Me to every brother and sister. Know that the Spirit shall work through your ardent Love of Me to bring you strength, wisdom, and fortitude as you need.
Children, keep close to Me. Stay close to your Lord God and trust only in the One who created you from Love, for Love, and with GREAT Love. Know I am in all things, and My greatest desire for Mankind is that he turn to Me for My Love, grace, and infinite Mercy.
Oh Children, the wickedness of this World multiplies. Do not grow lazy by your prayers and attention to Me. It is at the moment when you are at your most vulnerable that the creature of darkness strikes. He is loathe to see your Devotion of Me. It wrangles him and moves him to distraction. Thus, hold tight to My Love and be steadfast in your faith and Love (of) Me.
Children, the sun is setting on an older time, a time of Mercy and a time of anticipation. It sets on a time of opportunity that many of My Children have ignored. Now the World must endure this darkness before daylight returns again to brighten this World with My Love and glory. Prepare for darkness by gathering your lights now. Be prepared to face the darkness so you may see the returning day.
Children, I say to you, pray. Pray, and I do all things. Soon you shall see many great miracles taking place amongst the poor and impoverished. So great shall these miracles be that the rich shall believe and try to acquire them only to be shunned. The greedy shall try to lay claim to them but will be stung as if having touched the asp.
Do not fear, My Children. Do not fear but pray and be joyous in your knowledge of your most Holy Father. Rejoice because you know Me most intimately. You are My faithful and attentive Children, and as you gave to Me your attention, so shall I give you My Constant Attention as you live through the darkness, and as your number wanes, your faith shall grow. You shall grow in holiness and fealty. Despite you being knocked down, cursed, spat upon, or mocked, you shall mind none of these things for your constant Love of Me.
Children, prepare through significant prayer. You are My Delights. Trust in My Great Love for you. I bring to you My Peace, this day and for the next. Peace, My Children. Be at peace and do not fret against the darkness. It does not prevail, My Children.


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