It is not a punishment but an enlightening

By Linda Noskewicz

January 23, 2019

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 3:59 – 4:40 pm Adoration

Father, Papa, I keep hearing the word ‘penance’ in my heart. Is that You or am I just heartbroken? [regarding NY’s new abortion law]

Belovéd Child, I hear your every prayer and your prayers change the Hearts of many, though you cannot know them. Do not be afraid but commit yourself to Me and My Love for you and Mankind. Child, this World brings Me so much sorrow, and yes, as your Heart is broken, My Heart suffers as well, but My Love and Mercy should bring you hope. I am the One True God and every sin committed against Me wounds Me more deeply than your Hearts can fathom.

Children, My Will for you is based or steeped in My Ineffable Love for you. My Will is to bring each of you, My Belovéd Children, close to Me that My Love, My Most Tender Love for each of you, would be reciprocated.

Oh Children, how I long for your Love. It is an ever present thirst in My Heart. Thus, hear My Pleas and Calls of Love, and come to your Lord God and Father who is Merciful and Loving. Belovéd Children, your devotions to My Belovéd Son, the Christ Jesus, never go unnoticed. Your prayers are joined by the praises of angels, so beautiful are your prayers and oblations to Him.

Belovéd Children, you cannot delay. Just as a storm comes suddenly to bring torrents of water so suddenly, you might be washed away, so is the nature of My Chastisement. You will believe your life is unchanged. The World will carry on as it does. The sun shall rise, and your day shall start as it does. But, like the sudden storm that engulfs you, so is the nature and suddenness of My Chastisement. It is not a punishment but an enlightening. It is a time that is meant to open the eyes of Man to their sins and their gravity and spiritual detriments, that each of you in this new sight will come to Me with a full Love and the solace of forgiveness.

Children, it does come and each of you shall face your difficulties according to My Will. Yet, I say to you, place your Hearts into the Hands of the Christ Jesus. Let My Son’s Loving guidance console you and increase your faith in My Love and Mercy. These are for you.

Children, do not make folly with your Time. How many times must a Loving Parent be tested before a swift and just consequence be delivered? I say this to you, that the difficulties that come are steeped in the understanding of consequences. A Loving Parent does not let their child stray into dangerous places, and even while the child does not understand, the Parent does all that is possible to keep his child safe, joyful, and showered in the full understanding that they are not only precious and Belovéd, but necessary to the joy of their Parent.

Thus, My Children, the consequences of sin is (are) trial or tribulation. The consequence of sin is terrible, but knowing its consequences will bring many of My Belovéd Children back to Me.

Father, Papa, and penance? Why do I hear that?

Child of Mercy and devotion, it is My Will that you should know the state of this World is steeped in death, and the gravity of Man’s sins calls for great penance. Many have heard My Call, but many have not. My Belovéd Son and His Eternal Love for you, and His Most Holy and Loving GREATEST Sacrifice for Man has been desecrated, denigrated, and ridiculed. His Sacrifice is dismissed, disbelieved, and unshared. My Love is unreciprocated, and the World grows darker the further My Children are from My Love.

Oh, Belovéd Children, pray. Your prayers are a bounty for this World. Prayers are like music to the ears of Heaven. Pray, My Children, and I shall give you fortitude, constancy, and discernment in your times of greatest need.

Child, yes, the Angel of Justice calls out for the penance of Man. His finger is pointed at the sins of Man and their weight, and his other hand’s finger points to the quantity or containment or inequality of your Love for Me and this World. My Children favor what is temporal and those things that wound the Soul and lead you away from the Love of God the Father. What must I do, My Children? You have not responded to My Calls of Love. You have not responded to MyGREAT gift of Mercy. Thus, you shall respond to tribulation, when you are overcome by troubles and despair.

Then shall the Hearts of Man be open to the Sanctity of the Christ. Then shall Man have eyes that are opened to Me and My Love and the nature of their sins. Pray, My Belovéds. This truth is not a pleasant one, and many of My Belovéd Children will weep heavily or bitterly and wish to tear the knowledge from their eyes. Yet, they shall also know in their chaos or  confusion or in their state of feeling lost, they shall feel the touch of My Great Love and Mercy, and their Hearts will open to Me and be consoled.

Prayerful Ones, increase your prayers for this World. Pray for those who disbelieve in Me and in what comes. Pray for those who make the Holiest Sacrifice of the Christ Jesus profane. 

Pray for my Servants, for they must be strong in their Love for Me, trustful, and fully aware or with full knowledge know what their Lord God and Father accepts and does not accept. Pray and I shall bless them with discernment, and the Holy Spirit shall descend upon them to guide their Hearts. Thus shall My Belovéds be made safe by the untouched or unchanged or unmanipulated Word.

Belovéds, know Me. Let us grow in our intimacy of one another. Open your Hearts to Me. Live under the Most Precious Blood of Christ Jesus. When you are with your Lord God, your Heart is sure and competent or able to work for Love on My Behalf. You will know how to guide those who are lost or confused or ashamed or afraid to approach My Loving and Merciful Heart.

Children, My Belovéd Servants must be strong and secure in their faith in Me. You also must know Me and grow strong in your Love and faith in Me. You shall all face great trials for your Love and worship of the Christ Jesus. Sophists work to mislead you into the darknesses sent forth by Satan, the fallen one, who seeks to ruin the Souls of Man, My Belovéd Children. 

Thus, pray deeply and often. Pray, so your Love and understanding of My Will flourishes in times of great difficulty and (d0es) not wane. 

Belovéd Children, seek out the Love and Mercy of your Lord God, the Christ Jesus. He is your Redeemer, and you come to the Father only through the Son, for whom He cherishes, so do I cherish, and those who wound His Sacred Heart wound the Most Loving Heart of the Father, and those who do and who will reject the Christ Jesus do and will reject the Almighty Father.

Thus, Children, pray. Pray and give your Hearts over to Me, for you are My Precious Treasures and My Love for you is unfathomable and beyond infinite. Peace, My Children. Peace.