Do Not Wait. Do Not Wait.

By Linda Noskewicz

November 3, 2020

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God's Messages for Us

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 3:37 – 4:13 pm

Oh Child of Mine, I request that you serve Me more graciously and without ceasing. Now is not the time to grow unsteady in your faith in Me. You are already in the throes of the storm and you, as will many, be tested time and again. Know that it is pride that brings you to sin. Heel your pride and open your Heart to Me.

Belovéd Children of My Heart, I hear the fervency of your prayers and press My Hand upon your cheek. Surrender yourselves over to Me, and I shall guide you to Love and Peace. For I am your Lord God Almighty and I desire to be a merciful Father, yet so many of My Children do not come to Me. I have called out to each of you in My Great Love of Man, but so few seek the Treasures I offer to you. Surely, you trust in Me, My Children, that in My Love for you, I do not crush you into the ground, nor do I take satisfaction in seeing your pains. No, Belovéd Children, I am a Good Father and dote upon My Children with My Parental Love.

Oh, Children, but your sins are great. They are so great as to create a pause or an austere silence amongst the Heavenly beings of My Glorious Kingdom. How terrible are your sins that the whole of Heaven sighs in misery for you? [It is like a gasp]

Oh Children of My Most Sacred Heart, live under the spilt precious blood of the Christ Jesus. My Belovéd Son has opened the door to Mercy for you, but so few believe. So very few of My Children give Him the deference and Love He so deserves.

My Belovéd Children, faith makes you strong, because you know Me so intimately. I cherish or treasure this intimacy and push back what obstacles block your joy. In this, I do not mean suffering, for even My Belovéd Son suffered. I give to you strength to endure hardships with peace and joy and a calmness of Heart that allows you to embrace these things as opposed to dreading them.

Yes, your strong faith in Me will serve you well because I provide My Holy Discernment. Children, know that My Discernment is a gift. It is a gift so needed by Man that those who have been given this grace must guide My Belovéd Children to Me and away from the evils disintegrating this World. You will know immediately what I accept and do not accept. You will know evil even when it is cloaked in white. The prayerful and devout who come to Me like Children will have sight and hearing. Belovéd Children, thus I say, pray. Pray and come closer to your Lord God who Loves each of you so dearly.

Belovéd Children, such Souls I see are black. Pray for your brethren, for so many of My Belovéds go to hell, and My Sacred Heart is wrenched open. Once again, I feel the scourge of My Side and the piercing thorns of My Crown. Children, do not assume that hell does not exist. In the whole of Nature, I have created balance and a symmetry within Life. There is not one creation of Mine with any aspect of itself unbiddened or no bit (has) escaped My Specific and Glorious design. [nothing escaped His attention to detail, so to speak]  For every push, there is a pull. For Man, there is Wife. For Life, there is death. And within death, there is Eternal Heaven or Eternal Hell, and just as one cannot be other than what it is, there is no melding or compromise within Heaven. Hell yields great evils and sadnesses and punishments that I Long for you NEVER to know. Thus, it is imperative that all Souls come to Me for My Great Love and Mercy. I do not turn you away. Trust in the sound and full Love of your Father, that even when you have gone far from Me and even if you have sinned in the darkest ways, come to Me with a repentant Heart, asking for Love, and I rush to you and embrace you and Love you so dearly!
Do not wait. Do not wait.

My Child, this turbulent storm has arrived. The winds blow even now. Prayers will mitigate it or push it back for a time, but already, you see its signs. There is so much evil lurking within your unrest. Satan desires your anger and confusion and will attempt to harness these things to draw you into his evil traps and darkness. So many already succumb, and I weep.

Make your Hearts hopeful, though. Just as a storm is violent and loud and chaotic, so is the afterness or after the storm is newness and peace and (all is ) refreshed. The World must be cleansed of its sins. Man must see the detriments of sin. Man must come to Me now. Oh, Belovéd Children, this storm will be brutal and so many will wander in fear. You are My Holy Fighters who will grasp the hands of the confused and bring them back to Me.

Belovéd Children, you will see churches burned and My Altars desecrated even, by those who pretend in faith. Yes, My Servants have embraced darkness so that they will blaspheme and desecrate what is Holy. Pray for My Servants. There are so many who seek to consume those who are faithful and mislead where the prayerful would not be misled.

Know that even the Holy Consecration will be marked. Thus, know Me intimately. Pray for discernment and I shall guide you to the Lamb. 
[We must know or recognize when mass is not said correctly or where the consecration of the host is false.]

Belovéd Children, do not grow lackluster in your Loving attention to Me. You will face such difficulties soon. The World will appear completely changed from one short day to the next. Lands will fall away, and fire shall burst forth from the skies. Brother will turn against brother and father against children. You must, therefore, hold tightly to Love. I am the antidote to evil. Evil, like darkness, cannot hide in the great Light of My Love.

Pray, My Children. Pray for this World, for My Servants, for the unborn Little Flowers, for those who embrace darkness so willfully. Pray for the lost, the lonely and the abused. I am with them all and your kindness is reflected in My Love and joy in you. Peace, My Children. Peace.