The tide is changing my children

By MatthewSix25to34

September 19, 2016

Good evening my brothers and sisters, I hope this finds you well. Please do not be upset with the fact that I did not post anything in almost a month, that last message was THAT important! Let us not forget it in the coming times.

I will do the best I can to describe to you what I experienced with this next message. It will have to take you back to when you were a kid and you could feel the wind blowing through your windows on a warm and breezy summer day. A time when you felt like all was right in the world and you wish it would never end. That is what happened to me while sitting at mass a while ago. I had this incredible feeling of being a little kid again, before all this worry you have to take on as an adult. The feeling stayed with me long after the message was received and written down. It gave me hope that one day things would be good again, that we would have those days again when everything just felt right! I guess that is one of the effects of living in such a sinful world as we do now. I even went as far as to ask one of my children (he is 13) if he could recall a day like that since he has been alive and to my disappointment he said, “no.” How sad to think that our children have had to grow up in such a dangerous and filthy society. May all this be coming to an end with God’s final plan for evil. I will let you read the message that I received about the changes that are coming soon. I loved the way God compared them to a wave that starts out in the ocean far-far away and grows as it comes into shore, we just don’t see it until it hits the sands. Oh we of little faith… until next time, God bless!



August 30, 2016

Lord: Yes my son it is I your Lord and God and Father. Write down what I say to you this day. My child everything you experienced in your memories of those peaceful and relaxing days was given to you as hope for the future. The world in all of its entirety feels the oppression of evil and the feeling of despair and hopelessness has gripped the hearts of many of my children. Those experiences you remembered, those feelings of peace and lack of worry or fear shall come again. Persevere my little ones, persevere through this trial and do not lose hope for victory has already been won, it just hasn’t had the time for you to experience the effects of it yet. As is said, it is always darkest before the dawn and this is no different. Just because the appearance is that Satan is winning and perhaps has already won, this could not be further from the truth. He is simply having his moment of temporary gain soon to be shattered into a million pieces by the weight of my mercy. It is love and truth that will conquer, for my children wish to know the truth. Soon that will become a reality to all people. The tide is changing my children, but just like it does with the ocean, you cannot understand (that the tide has changed) until the waves have reached the land and you see for yourself that the water has indeed decreased. The wave of truth you have been praying for has already been set in motion, it just has not reached the shore yet so you cannot see it. This is the reason for such a need of increased prayer. True faith is that which is not seen with the eyes but understood in the spirit. Pray for this my children, for it is a gift of grace that I give to you. Return to those memories as often as you can from now until you see the waves reach the sands, this will be a place of peace for all of you. Do not worry my children, I will not be late, for all things have a purpose unto heaven, even this. That is all my son, now go and spread the good news that this time shall see its end. I love you, amen.