Message to Pastor Ray Thomann

By Miscellaneous Messages

July 26, 2015

The following is a message given to Pastor Ray Thomann and was aired on TruNews with Rick Wiles.  Although this Pastor is not a Catholic, I felt it was important to share this message none-the-less, since the Holy Spirit can speak to anyone He chooses.  As always, please pray for discernment before proceeding.


Word to America

America, the time for honoring yourself has come to an end.

A nation that celebrates the murder and dismemberment of Yahweh's unborn will no longer prosper. A just and holy God will soon answer the cries of the innocent blood. Blood that has been spilled all through-out this nation A blood that declares a nation guilty of its genocide of tens of millions of precious little ones, at the altar of convenience.

America, you have been found guilty. And there will be repercussions for your actions. The blessings that you have enjoyed will now cease. You have turned your back on the Father and the spiritual hand of His protection has been removed.

A time of great weeping has arrived.

To the American Church

And you, the American church, you have grown cold. And many that outwardly call me Lord have inwardly rebelled and grown apostate. You say your God's people but a true follower keeps His commandments. But you do not.

Instead, you openly side with popular opinion and the desires of man. You celebrate that which is offensive to God and sin. You fail to understand that God's word is the same yesterday, today and forever. And the wages of sin are still death.

You have turned your backs on God and away from His holy word. And you march in the streets with those who hate His name.

It must be made known that all your deeds are in vain because you've chosen to openly mock God and His word while trying to defend your actions as holy.

As a people, your focus has turned away from God and to a cultural Christianity that is founded upon the fallible wisdom of man, and it's anything but Christian.

A Word to the Pastors

Pastors. Those of you who put out lies. Those of you that allow the wolves to come in amongst the flock. You... have lead and are leading many astray. You have been remiss in your duties to continue on with the truth. Instead you have preached a doctrine of compromise... a counterfeit gospel that has rendered the people weak. Their minds have been poisoned by the fruit you bare.

Your actions, your deeds, have not gone unnoticed. And on that day... the day that your guilt overtakes you, He shall declare "I never knew you; Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness." And this word holds true for all those who stand for nothing.

Your silence in the face of darkness has become deafening. It is offensive to God... and your silence will not be a defence for you as you stand before the almighty and just God of the universe who's eyes are a flame of fire. The workers of iniquity... will have their day.

But first, a mighty storm will bare down upon the world. And a great shaking will rock the foundations of the world to each and every corner. Only those who find their shelter in the Almighty shall withstand its fury. Those who call Him Lord and honor His word shall have a peace and joy in the midst of great upheaval. For His children can do all things through Christ which strengthens them.

Make no mistake. The storm is overhead. It has arrived. And those with the eyes to see, they understand and they have peace. They will not fear these things that are coming to pass because their focus is on their deliverer.

But those who live in denial... those who have allowed themselves to be overtaken by the normalcy bias, they will not be ready for these times. And when the storm unleashes its full power, shock and awe will rule over them. For they will know that their rebellion is no longer hidden and it stands out like a lone flame in the darkness.


The time is now for all of us to repent!!!