Civil war will break out in the United States

By Miscellaneous Messages

March 29, 2009

On February 13th, 2017 Christina said it is important for people to read and pay attention to the message from March 2009.  She added, "If this is what it was then in 2009, what is it now?"



March 29th 2009 Our Lady speaks

"The world is handed over to the anti-Christ.

Civil war will break out in the United States and many will fight and kill each other." I was made aware that ‘Nests’ of foreigners have already been placed in the U.S. I was shown a scene of what will take place, the weapons being used and the blood flowing. The horror was overpowering for me. I was then allowed to witness the explosion of a bomb which will be dropped on America Its impact was horrific. I was shown that an earthquake will follow some time later. (I myself believe that the earthquake will be a direct consequence of the bomb.)

The events in the U.S. will also filter throughout Europe and then throughout the world. A great suppression will come about... Many, including Church authorities will go willingly in union with the anti-Christ because of the control he wields." 

I was shown how God desires to protect the handing on of the faith throughout the times that are to follow. I was shown how the Holy Father is suffering. There is much rebellion and hatred against him even within the Church. I was then shown the global Church descending into a great blackness and exuding misty vapour. This scene was surrounded by a multitude of angry demons wanting to get rid of the Church and Christianity. I was then shown Blessed Michael, clad in red and gold and holding his sword upright. Behind him could be seen Our Blessed Lady and a multitude of angels in red, in haste to do battle with the adversary.

"Pestilence will accompany the civil war and the suppression. Mosquitoes will carry all kinds of new diseases. Locusts such as have never been seen before will form a plague; it will seem as they themselves have an evil intent, almost as if they have an awareness that they are to wreak destruction.

I understand that if people in the U.S. wish to gain the graces of protection as invited by Our Blessed Lady, they should be in the state of grace and draw from God’s graces through Her promise by going to pray frequently in Her Chain Houses and upholding them – now, beforehand – as it will be too late for them when these events have begun to happen.

As messenger, I have to say it is heartbreaking for me to give this message and yet I have no option but to do so. I give it in response to Our Blessed Lady despite my knowing that I will be mocked and ridiculed for doing so. However, it is up to each one to choose whether they accept or reject it.