Book of Psalms

The Douay-Rheims Bible


Chapter 114

1    I have loved, because the Lord will hear the voice of my prayer.
2    Because he hath inclined his ear unto me: and in my days I will call upon him.
3    The sorrows of death have encompassed me: and the perils of hell have found me. I met with trouble and sorrow:
4    And I called upon the name of the Lord. O Lord, deliver my soul.
5    The Lord is merciful and just, and our God sheweth mercy.
6    The Lord is the keeper of little ones: I was little and he delivered me.
7    Turn, O my soul, into thy rest: for the Lord hath been bountiful to thee.
8    For he hath delivered my soul from death: my eyes from tears, my feet from falling.
9    I will please the Lord in the land of the living.